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Long Live the Fishmongers
SSar's Beast
Oh yes and other things.

The Mamarians' home is going to be Changed, according to their landlady: the front lounge converted into a bedroom, and the rent increased to $400. Two of the occupants have asked if I still want to cash in my honorary flat membership. I think it would be wonderful. Living with my friends? The common tongue says that's either very good or horrid. The actual room rent (for a much, much larger room!) would be the same, but turning a few things over in my head makes me wonder if a few other things might end up higher: transport, for example. There's no question that the mix of personalities has the potential to be very intense.

I wonder if I'll be able to cope with the addition of a weekend job of some sort next semester. With minimum five courses that is... daunting. I'm thinking no, but that means I'll have to spend very, very little money, and have fewer reserves than I'd like for the summer, during which time I'll obviously need a job. Hm. And.. again, which city will I be spending my summer in? I always dither so much over these things.

I have been writing just a little bit more lately. It is good that I have Sam to encourage me and the Noladna writing group to be a tiny guilt trip (or, as I typoed just then, guild trip...) in the back of my head.

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Look, things are happening in the world of Morbane. Ah, but I shouldn't tease you, because I'm trying to be a more regular updater-of-LiveJournal but I haven't exactly succeeded. I shall be intrigued to see what you decide re this house.

You've been writing, you say?

*awaits the results*

Woo, More people I know living at the end of my street! *Hopeful hopeful*

Two things. One, I got your letter. Two, the Holloway Road thing.
Aunt doesn't remember if she saw the mailbox, but her pal lives at Millie's B&B. Her name (her pal, not my aunt) is Miriam Busby, which led me to asking why the B&B was called Millie's, and apparently Millie is the cat.
God, some people and their cats. ^_^
I think the B&B is at 30 something Holloway Road.

And my dear aunt made me the offer of mailing stuff I need to send to you ^_^
Now if I can only find a copy of My Family And Other Animals.

I know that house. There is a picture of the cat in the window. Sometimes there is even the cat.

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