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Cameo Episode
SSar's Beast
You know you've been on LJ too long when you refer to all the people in your life using an LJ tag. Like this: "Not many people at sci fi tonight, just cantrix and pi_neutrino and starzend and weaselfilms and vileseagulls and the other regulars. No oltanya. bl9_knt makes a big empty space in the back-right row of chairs.

Lately the most popular variant of chess is suicide chess. krastakin and I are approximately evenly matched. The "Take me" jokes have been done to death. Believe me.

wih has been a bit AWOL this week. Not even grantusminimus has seen him, I think. krastakin hasn't because she was at my place last night, again prompting funny looks from Chris.

I haven't seen much of blairette this week. Then again, I've rarely been at Uni at the times I should have been...

Sunday was a very, very long day. I slept in, panicked, threw on clothes that proved MUCH too summery for the BITTER weather, and left... After bl9_knt's flight departed, cactus_cat walked with me to the Kilbirnie bus stop and kept me company in town. I procrastinated for most of the day, although I spent productive periods in both the central and university libraries. Grr three day loan...

I visited the recovering starzend and then called triptoe. Then I stayed up working on assignments for a while.

larzen has been txting me. It's so nice...

Tutorials have been fun recently.

Monday's tutorial involved everyone picking early New Zealand poetry to bits. Especially Mason's "Song of Allegiance." There was a line in it that went, "Stoutly bringing up the rear," and Erica our tutor said, "Well, what word would Eileen Duggan have used?"

"Prancing?" "With grave carriage?" "Parading?"

"Flowing," said Fiona deliciously. "Flowing up the rear."

"Fiona that is a terrible image," said our tutor. "Shall I have to gag you?"

And today in 208 tutorial, we exasperated our loquacious "angry school marm" tutor with excessive plot diversions, while she exasperated us with futile and boring image analysis. There was a point at which she sank her elbows in her paperwork and sank her head in her hands and covered her eyes and looked completely dejected. Poor LH. Don't worry, we weren't being nasty.

Love you all - and thus I end the cameos.

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*blinks* Do I know these people? I didn't realize so many at sci-fi had ljs. I swear one day I'm going to make a shirt with my username on it.

Woe, for there is a dreadful lack of bl9_knt.

Yes... Weaselfilms is Joel, and vileseagulls is Frances, but I'm not sure you'd recognise many of the others' names. I've also a feeling that lots of people have LJs that I don't know about.

I wouldn't make a shirt with my username on it... My LJ is mainly public anyway, but I wouldn't feel like advertising it... très odd. If I wanted to help people recognise me, maybe I'd put a good, recent pic of me in my userpic... Maybe. Hm.


Yeah, those were the only two I knew. Joel's on my flist, and Frances was at some point. *waves to sci-fi people* Hi guys! See you next week, hopefully!

I had a pic of me in my userpic for a few days once, but decided I didn't like it. I have a pic of me on my okcupid profile, though!

I have a good recent pic of you! Do you want a copy? ;)

Hehe! Much amusement, good Morbane. Sorry, I mean: good morbane. :D

Heheh. Catchy, isn't it?

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