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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Okay, that was a strangely bad week, and this week is the one with the Economics test, in which I will also hand in the overdue essay and write a thank-you letter to Helen. Although I now have a birthday gift idea for her. No, not Helen at Uni, Helen in England.

Eeep! THREE emails from my parents.

EEEP! Still have to go to StudyLink and sort things out.

Eeep... how many "I had a busy crappy week" excuses can my parents take?

On the other hand, I am developing a new fondness for street lights. The Holloway Road ones seem sensitive, at various points, to the reverberations of people walking on the sidewalk underneath them - they go off, or on, when I walk under them, all the time now.

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I must see this Holloway Road.

As a matter of fact, one of my aunts is boarding there. With Angela Busby. You know. That dood who...either wrote or introduced the Treaty of Waitangi...oh hell, I suck at NZ history, and you'll know who it is anyway. James Busby.
Yeah so the point is, my aunt lives on Holloway Road.
So when I come to Wellington, I can just walk up to your house. ^_^
*is rather pleased with self*


Ask her if she knows the house with the green fence and the frog on the letterbox?

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