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Colour me zinzolin
SSar's Beast
Gah, it would be nice if I actually got some study done these holidays. I'm going home and taking most of my textbooks with me on Wednesday. Mum's such a wonderful person. She suggested that I take my sewing machine home and that and we go full-throttle on the cloaks all the hours she's free, and I couldn't thank her enough. Well, I've already had my holiday. There's been a few interesting encounters, a movie trip, a movie night (in which we watched Dr. Strangelove directly after My Little Pony - the insanity!) friends, videos...

I've been able to spend a lot more time with weaselfilms and blairette than I thought I would this holidays. And krastakin, of course. On the down side, I haven't really bumped into starzend.

Now, if I buy Paul's double bed, what do I do with my bed? There isn't a lot of room at my place. I've been trying to persuade the Mamari-ans to have it, since B just left and took her bed with her, but that's not been very effective.

Speaking of people, I have, in a way, broken my new year's guideline. Sort of. Except... have I? It isn't quite a relationship. We can't seem to decide what it is, except that it "is what it is". Very typical.

After the movie night, I had many lemons. So I made myself a lemon cake with toasted almonds on top. Very good. Almost gone. I'll double the batch next time.

I'm really blathering, so one further blather. I really like Delta Goodrem's "Mistaken Identity" music video. When I first heard that song, I was working in Kmart and it was just after the stuff to do with Ice, so any mention of deceptive identities produced twitches. But now I've seen the music video, and it matches so beautifully I have to like it. The opinion changes waiting in line at New World Metro can wreak upon you...

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I'm glad the lemon cake worked. Just in case I don't see you tomorrow... have a good trip!

Lemon cake! How lovely! :-D *grins* Yay!


The cute little animals always come after the Kubrick. AFTER.

Have I taught you nothing?

but... didn't they have the funnies before the feature at the old-fashioned movies?


But that denies you the perverse joy of watching Elmo's Big Adventure directly after The Shining.

I'm sure you can conjure other examples.

Paul as in bl9_knt, Paul? If so, have a bounce on the bed before you agree to buy it. It's kinda noisy.

Yes. And... hm. Definitely a consideration.

Lemons in mashed potato is really good. Like some rind, and some juice, and a little olive oil and some yoghurt. I know it sounds crazy but it's like potato-sorbet. Except, you know, not frozen. M'kay, I'm going to lj/cut the recipe for you. It's really good.

I have a recipe like that, except with kumara and orange instead of potato and lemon. Swap recipes?

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