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SSar's Beast
Stalkers, even the mild kind. I don't like them. But Felicity served to protect me from one! Thus exalt Felicity. I wish I didn't get hit on so often. Perhaps not so often; but truly, more often than I'd like.

Everyone seems to be either working, studying, or anticipating boredom, this holiday. I am going to study, sew, write letters, waste time, and visit Auckland. But the first order of the day is to recover from this persnickity sore throat.

Things that are Cryptically Worthy of Mention

Parking meters
Serial Experiments Lain theme song
DDR song 'Ordinary World'
The Courtenay Central shadow clock
The first (small) earthquake I ever experienced
Parrothead's most recent letter, which I received a while ago but shamefully forgot to mention
A kite with an Ace of Spades design on it
Confused sexuality
Confused relationship principles
The words 'botch' and 'frenzy'
Marianne's new job (hooray!)

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Would that be a me Gloria? *waves happily to you* I was just thinking of you, Morbane.

Yes, a you Gloria. Although Chris also has a copy of the song; a Van Morrison version...

Interesting...don't like stalkers they scare me! =( =O

I like that song Duvet. Serial Experiments Lain all around is just very cool.

I like that song too. *Muses* And the words botch and frenzy.

Y'know what resolves confusion? Monkeys.


(Deleted comment)
How is it you two always seem to think on the same wavelength? That's a serious worry.

I was just wondering if you got it. Were there pennies in that letter?

Heheh! First I found one penny, then another and another kept turning up. That was delightful.

Ordinary World is not JUST a DDR song either...

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