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Sympathetic identification
SSar's Beast
I just got out of the dance production 'Commotion'. I WISH I'd tried harder to convince people to come with me! It was fantastic! The dancers were tremendously skilled, both in conveying emotions and in performing awesome feats that seemed almost of Olympic calibre. IT WAS WONDERFUL!

I'm a little saddened to go online and see a couple of things that've been going on at Writers' Window. The gay/anti-gay arguments can get a little too cruel sometimes. The majority of Writers' Window likes homosexuals and bisexuals and all the variations of choices. They just don't seem to acknowledge they're the majority - and as such, have a responsibility not to be self-righteous, manipulative, self-indulgent bullies. Homophobes are people.

Several older members jumping on a confused twelve year old who began by saying timidly, "I am just a bit shocked" is not a fair fight. It's disgusting. Right now, on WW, there's an unofficial coda that the more dodgy and liberal you are, the more cool you are, and the more authority you ought to have. It makes me sick. It's like toilet humour coming back into fashion. Why can't you be just a little more gentle to the people who feel intimidated by you?

Anyway, enough about that. What else? Well, I'm also damaging my karma by getting rid of ants. I think I know how they got into my room; I discovered some running up and down the clothesline. How odd.


I don't check email a lot nowadays. Which is sometimes a good thing.

Besides, Mum sends me text messages.

Cathy: "Dad wants to know what you had for dinner."
SSar: "Um, this and that. A disordered day. I'm still waiting for Chris to get back with cookie ingredients. How about you?"
Cathy: "Dad wants me to tell you that we had a divine lamb and silver beet dish. A Maori man gave the recipe to me in the supermarket."
SSar: "Congratulations... sounds wonderful. I'm doing my Economics assignment now so all that makes me think of is 'What affects the lamb market?'"
Cathy: "Maybe they are sending out Maori men to drive up demand."

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Well, I'm also damaging my karma by getting rid of ants.

You should see what I do to those damned roaches...

(Deleted comment)
Eh. Hug. French stick is also good. And if you have any lamb recipes, please pass them on. Soups also in high demand.

(Deleted comment)
Which is why I say I should have tried harder and not have kept it all to my selfish self.

We've been exterminating ants in our kitchen, too - apparently if you put talcum powder down where they're coming in, it'll deter them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It hasn't been as bad since we've been doing the dishes more often.

I've never seen a dance production before, but it sounds pretty interesting. And I somewhat-ish agree with the things about the Window. And it's good to hear from you (or read, rather, I suppose), because I don't incredibly often. Hope you get rid of the ants soon.

It was really beautiful. It was like acrobatics, but with rhythm and music and the expression of feelings. I think I've got the ants sussed. Good to hear from you, too.

Email is dead to me. There are too many things to read...

We've got ants in the downstairs, but we've given up after hiring two people that couldn't get rid of them....

Why not teach the ants to dance? I sure a basic "step, pause, turn, pause, step twirl, turn, pause, -jazz hands-" combination wouldn't be beyond them, given their clothesline exploits.

*Smiles... they could wear little top hats...

Ok. Enough. Back to logic study. Yes, logic.

But wouldn't I have to make the top hats? That doesn't really appeal to me right now. I have so much sewing to do already - aren't there supposed to be elves that do this kind of tailoring? The kind you leave out bowls of milk, and biscuits, for?

Of course, leaving out bowls of milk, and biscuits, would only worsen the ant problem. I haven't really solved anything.

*huggles her poor Morbane*

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