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Fell girl's hit count: 5
SSar's Beast
Life is ever so faintly crazy, mostly because of people. The quiz I just took told me I was crazy, too. It said I was the legendary Zocchihedron, the Hundred-Sided Die. That sounds like something out of the Neverending Story - which, by the way, is a great book.

A bit of news especially for katiefoolery: I bought a coffee mug yesterday. It has a picture of a creature like a marmalade cat, except with marmalade wombat ears, marmalade duck feet, and a very odd face. I asked people for names. They began with Cheshire Cat and ended with Sarsparilla, or SSar's Parilla. vileseagulls asked what a parilla was. I told her it was a cross between a parikeet and a gorilla. That ended further questions. ^!^

I'm very unmotivated about Economics, reasonably happy in Shakespeare, smoulderingly rebellious in New Zealand Literature, and respectfully detached in Discrete Maths And Linear Algebra.

Some of the people I have recently met have made me want to start letters to distant friends that go, "You know, I think I never really appreciated you [compared to some of these nutters]." Otherwise, things are well.

The people at Chris's flat-re-warming party started my first harmonica lessons, and Abe is dropping round a Charlie Musselwhite tape on Friday. I have a lot of studying to do this weekend but I hope I'll make progress on both cloaks.

What's another name for something that's purple on the inside and black on the inside? Apart from burnt turkish delight.

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Ah, Morbane, you must update more. (What is it with the spacebars in this library? Do none of them work? Actually, they only seem to work if I use my left hand to hit them, which rather slows down the typing habits of a lifetime...) Anyway, back to you. I miss these wondrous sallies of seemingly harmless observation of life. You always sneak in little rewards for the diligent reader and that is a true delight.

Is there a forthcoming picture of this coffee mug of never-ending marmaladeness?

There really should be, shouldn't there? I will work on it. There's a space bar up in McLaurin like that. It must feel really lonely and tired all the time... I know the people who use it do.

Buneater, if I felt I had more of a life, I would observe more of it. Really!

I presume that was purple on the inside and black on the outside. What about 'carboniferous purpurate'?

ljuser = lj user

The top part is bugging me, heh. (this is ilovecowboys31/oldwestcowgirl123 btw).

Harmonicas ROCK. :)

NZ Lit is deathtastic. Avoid questioning Canon unless you want a whole heap of debate with the lecturers.

I have settled for wishing I could do Matilda-like tricks to bludgeon Paul Millar to death with assorted lecture theatre items.

I tried that in SEFT last year. He can dodge surprisingly well.. ;)

I'll be sure not to try. That would really ruin all my vicious fantasies.

Ugh.. Alex keeps talking about an LJ entry/essays you lot wrote about Ursula Le Guin (aka LOTR Lite, I am not a Le Guin fan) abd about how funny it is.. but I can't find it.. *pout*
Can you help?

249 is awesome. I have Tatjana as a tutor and she's full of Germany-goodness! Plus she's almost as cool as Dougal, my tutor from last year.

Brilliant. I'll give some *snaps* to Alex when I see him next.

Oh.. And best place for reading is the Magpie Lawn in the botanical gardens.. If you're wearing red you get attacked by bees!

Awesome! So you lure your enemies there and cover them in strawberry jam?

(I'm not as vicious as that.) But I do dislike strawberry jam.


Wait, you're coming to his flatwarming, aren't you?

Hmm... Raspberry Jam, cos Evil Flatmate Kim's Mum makes it, they're from Takaka (where berries are from)

*snaps*, a kudos-giving action which, Scarily, I hijacked from Clueless without even knowing. Cluelessly, one might say.

I WENT to the flatwarming.. Left at 1:30am. Uh. 'Sick'. I drink too much. :(

Heh, I was sick before I went, which's why I didn't go. I wish I'd known someone's number to excuse myself gracefully. Oh well. Thanks. Snaps goes in my vocabulary.

Is Evil Flatmate Kim's Mum as evil as Evil Flatmate Kim?

I haven't actually met the Evil Mother, but Louise tells me that they're very alike. So I'm thinking yes, the evil is equal in mother and spawn.

Ooh, can you feel the tension? We're very 'When Good FLats Go Bad!'

Y'know, this post read a lot better once I realised that I'm not somebody you've *recently* met....

I thought "reading unnecessarily negative personal implications into things said by people around you" was MY hang-up, not yours? Have a hug.

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