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SSar's Beast
And now I have a flat.

Which is just a little sad, because I was having such a wonderful time at Sam and Grant and Glen's place - not to mention washing dishes - that they were actually thinking of keeping me.

We had such fun making pancakes and muffins and poking each other and having loud happy squabbles about bad fantasy authors and watching anime. Do not forget the watching of the anime. Oh dear... I hope I get to visit sometimes.

And my bed was SO comfortable.

It is not to be.

After trekking around Karori and Northland and Wadestown and Kelburn - and finding a bakery which makes my mother's beloved bretzel baguettes - I've been offered a place on Holloway Road. YES HOLLOWAY ROAD. ENVY ME NOW. BUAHAHAHAH. I love Holloway Road.

The other occupant is also the owner and my landlady, and she says she's quite amenable to me putting another phone line in for internet and the like. So I'll have broadband eventually - when I can afford it.

Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious! I live in Aro Valley ON HOLLOWAY ROAD! And Chris [landlady] is SO nice and she'll be doing media studies courses at Vic this year, and we'll get the hang of "SSar cooking" eventually, and I have just enough room for someone else to collapse at my place should this be necessary. Well, once I have a spare mattress.

Maybe I'll write a more interesting entry later.

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hehe wow sounds like you are having fun with the flatting thing.
I am quite proud for you, I mean -flatting is something I need to get the hang of sometime soon, too.
I hope you got my letter, (sent to Auckland address).

mmmmm...homemade pancakes, muffins...mmmmm.

I did get it! Did you not see? I mentioned it as a Good Thing About Today in a previous post. Excellent, Polina. Now I have all my stationery again so I can reply. :)

Huzzah for Holloway Road! I'm afraid I have no knowledge of said road, but you're happy to be there, thus I salute it. And thank-you for posting on LJ the very day I started wondering how you were doing. :)

Are you getting anew room or house? *is confused* you spelled "Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious" -you lol! =D What's so special about Holloway road??? *is questionable and confused*

Holloway Road is a beautiful street that has many old houses with lots of character. It's a long no-exit street. I hope to get to know many of my neighbours. Heh. Is 'lol' a verb now?

What's happened is that I've returned to my university town for this year's courses and have found accommodation for myself as a tenant in a Holloway Road cottage.

aww thats good that you found a place to live in! it sounds like one groovy place too. well done.

*cheers for the new flat*

we never did get past the second page...

Well I might be cruising my Wellington-boot at some stage this year to visit the cousins over from Ponsy-land. And when that happens, I shall definately tell you >3 and stalk you out and meet all your friends and traumatise them thoroughly ^_^

Please remember dear, in your travels, that Holloway Road.... IS EVIL.

Way too many demons/ [demonic/satanic] rituals preformed in the forest at the end of that cursed road. And the witches covens are baaaaaaaad....

I gave you protection spells, yes? Or prayers?

You did give me those and I will use them.

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