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SSar's Beast
I said to Josh yesterday that I was just thinking about some of the differences between now and this time last year. Last year he brought me into the arcade and I was shy and nervous because there was a large, confident bunch of people I didn't know but whom I hoped would like me. This year I wandered in and several people turned around and said, "SSar!!!" and hugged me. I said that felt like an indication of a successful year. Was/is that superficial? I don't want to be superficial. Also I want to give something back.

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No. I don't think it's superficial. It's not superficial because it's an indication that you grew and that being loved and liked is a good thing. (I'm sure you're loved and liked for you just being you and how can that make you superficial?)
And I'm being sincere when I say: You're such a great person Morbane.

Thank you. It just seemed as if I was gloating over popularity, and that certainly seems superficial. Oh well. I will write about it in a letter to you. And thank you for believing in me. Yours is very powerful belief. :)

Danya said what I wanted to. It's just means you've grown, which is a very good thing.

*waves and hugs*

Hm. Grown. Are you sure? Sometimes I feel I've regressed. Not that this is always a bad thing, of course...

hey ssar! I was wondering - did you by any chance send me a Valentine's Card? I just recieved on which looks like it has your handwriting and I remember you posting in your LJ something about sending people cards on Valentines?

In any case, let me know...if it's not you, the plot thickens.

Can't have been me... anyway, my Valentine's Day natterings were about getting rid of some ribbon. (I still have one bit of ribbon, the rest went for Bridget to tie Glen's balloons with.)

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