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"wellington is love"
SSar's Beast
I was happy when I got off the train (fourteen hours, but my expectations hadn't been high) because there at the station to meet me were the gracious Cordelia and the wonderful Layne. They walked back to the arcade with me after each of them distracted me from hugging the other to death, occasionally carrying my suitcase. Then Sam and Grant took care of me, and have been doing so ever since. This is the life. Thank you, everyone. I am so glad to be back in Wellington with such generous people.

I wonder why this Student Union computer doesn't like Gmail. Gaaaahhhh it.

After leaving Kmart I thought I'd do a little LJ entry with descriptions of all my favourite Kmart people, but then I couldn't because I had to finish that survey I put in my last post (if you still remain to be commented on, I haven't forgotten you), and now I can't because of erratic Net access. So I'll just say that I enjoyed working at Kmart.

Happy Birthday, Gloria - I wish I could have told you that on the right day, but maybe I can extend it?

I still don't know what to do with that leftover Valentine's Day ribbon.

Oh! And Chrissy, dear, I realised a few days after I posted my letter to you that I'd forgotten to put the photos in - because I found them under some other paperwork. I will put them in my next letter, which I have begun already. So don't worry, and don't nag me about it. *winks*

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Will your letter I sent you reach you?

Certainly, as long as you didn't send it to Unicomm.

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