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Where's Wallet? Hint: no red and white stripes.
SSar's Beast
Yeah, so who but me would lose her wallet the afternoon before she transfers to another city?

You can call stupid things "doing a SSar" now.

An excessive extreme expansive exotic number of things were bad today so I will list the good ones.

A letter arrived. It was from Polina.
My glasses worked. The optometrists had successfully adjusted them.
I saw Pip, in her native environment.
I discovered extra money in my bank account. Ah yes! End-of-contract holiday pay.
My late-last-night attempt at understitching on the cloak hood was actually right.
Susy came over to watch TV with me and was most patient with my stress.
Really inane TV has a calming effect.

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Well, huzzah for the good stuff! :)

*slightly hysterical laughter*

*sends you a virtual lemon meringue pie*

If you don't like lemon meringue pie, then simply turn it into something else. ;)

hi Morbane,

when are you coming down to town? Things are pretty bad for me this afternoon, but maybe I can make it :)
If not, then big hugs anyway. Email me with your address so I can come visit you Saturday evening.

Yeah I lost my wallet the one day I was in Lower Hutt.
It now lives at the Lower Hutt police station.
Okay so I live in the Lower Hutt region but I never actually go in there it just happened to be the ONE day I wanted to go into the arcade in there...X_x

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