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"Does it count? If it bounces off the cat?" - Mum [Table tennis]
SSar's Beast
I know it shouldn't be making me feel this way, but looking at flat listings is actually making me feel really excited. Like it'll be cool to get off the bus/train in Wellington, rock back and forth on my feet a bit, and set out to find a home.

I mean, given my naïveté, I'll end up with abrasive flatmates, broken leaky things, a tiny room, and no money in my pocket - hopefully, a selection from that list, not all of it - but right now? Excited!!! Places! Futures! All my base will belong to me!

My "I'm over all that depression. I'm good now!" plan is - surprise surprise - working! I'm not bouncing off the walls - except for this unexpected surprising, "Hey, they're going to be MY walls, and I'm going to LIKE them" feeling - but I feel ordinary. It's good.
Maybe that means I'll have more time for listening to other people? I certainly have little enough about myself to report right now.

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hey if you are looking for a flat, Grant, Sam, Mikey and Glen are currently in the process of moving into a new one in Kilburnie.

You can contact them at these addresses:
mikey_clarke@hotmail.com (mikey)
zenith_pastel@hotmail.com (grant)
n10dogirl1@hotmai.com (sam)


Thanks, Polina. I'll check that out.

Well, I'm excited for you too! Good luck with your flat hunting and may your housemates be interesting, at the very least.

And you may tell you mum that it does count if it bounces off the cat, as long as it didn't touch the ground.

Rikki Tikki Tavi. My gosh, she's watching me type as if she knows what I'm saying.

I say again- if the worst comes to the worst, free rent in the VUWSF cupboard.

You know you want it.

Ooh, you could camp in our courtyard. He he. With apple tea for nourishment! (I'm obsessed)
Good luck! Are you taking any English papers? Like the TCFS Children's Fantasy Fiction one?

I did that last year! It's cool, although KW has an irritating way of going on tangents. We spent one whole tutorial talking MADDENINGLY about teddybears. Yes.

Also I'm taking 208, 234, and 215.


And I'm not sure I could live on apple tea... (This is coming from the girl whose first infant word was "Appu!") But hey, maybe I could set a world record trying?


I wanted to take it last year but there was a timetable clash so I couldn't... Freaked out about missing out on it for three months, saw it in the Course List when I applied online and just about died, I was so excited. I'm taking 208 but not the other two.. I seem to be doing a lot of special topics-Contemporary fiction, a film one... Modern Poetry. I'll see how I cope with that.

Have you a place to live? Cos Jo's taking biomedical science and I'm sure she'll be fascinated by the apple tea experiment. *laughs evilly* *I mean, conspirationally*

Don't worry, they were never going to make it appear one year and disappear for all the rest of time. They just enjoyed it so much and some of the lecturers even bounced. They were letting out their inner children, truly. And this year they'll have more organised handouts.

Yes. Teddybears. You see, she "started" us - more like "killed" us - with the idea that any significant animals in a book were there partly to say something about humans. Which is a very, very obvious idea. (She didn't even use the WORD "anthropomorphism".) Then she said something inane about bears being a special example of this, because they walk on two legs. I mean really. The conversation degenerated from there on. (Gah. You know how when you first get motivated to rant about something, you think you can rant about it to one or two people and then the need will pass? This I just keep wanting to rant about.)

I wanted to take Modern Poetry but it clashed too. Way too many of the courses I wanted to take claim Mondays 3~4, Semester Two, and I think that was one of them. Are you doing purely Eng/Media courses?

No, I don't have a place to live yet. (I am still confident I will, though.) Heh. What if you tried me on different types of apple tea? And would it be cheating if I occasionally ate a lemon? I can't live without lemons.

*phew* I was so relieved. I think Sarah, my flatmate Sarah, is taking it this year too. My tutor from ENGL 111 (??) was doing her Masters in Phillip Pullman so I'm pretty sure she's one of the lecturers. Ugh. I'm really stupid today. :-) I read the Halfmen of O trilogy as prep over summer, and I was given the His Dark Materials trilogy for Christmas.

Oh, and I understand the need to Rant. I've been ranting constantly about stuff that happened years ago. Strangely, I still believe I don't hold grudges for long. I'm taking Eng/Film courses but hoping I can pick up a BTeach. And Sign Language. And CREW next year. I could stay at university for so long.

Lemons and apples aren't the best mixer (decided yesterday in an apple pie fiasco, when we found we didn't have cinnamon). I'll have to ask Jo, she's the scientist.

That's awesome you're feeling better. *smiles* And good luck with the flat hunting. I hope you find someplace really lovely.

*grins* That's yayness that you are feeling quite swellishnesser.
Good luck with finding a flat. Hope you find someplace jolly.
*realizes she just said mostly the exact same thing Jessica said*
Haha. I'm crazy...

All your base are belong to us!


I don't feel like freeing you from my clutches. And I don't like the idea of you flatting with people you don't know.
But if you call me every weekend and write to me every day and make sure you have all of Josh's contact details so you can let him know if you get into trouble, it's all cool.
And Mint can be your official posse.


I will try not to act as if free from your clutches, ie, I will be writing to you at decently short intervals, etc.

Mint, unfortunately for posse purposes, but fortunately for his own future plans, is going to join the army, but I promise that I have several other local friends to serve and protect me to the best of their friendly abilities. As much as that's necessary, anyway. I only got one death threat last year. And this year I'll have lead weights sewn into the corner of my cloak.

You'll rest easier, I'm sure, knowing that I have less temptation - since fewer means - to suddenly appear around a corner and scarify you. (Denim the loss of ability to threaten to do that...)

*hugs* BUt it makes your imagination run in so many anstract ways, don't you want that?

Uh, which?

But yeah. I think what I was trying to say was that I wanted *all* of this. Whether or not I should...

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