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Mint-Flavoured Strawberries
SSar's Beast
I have a magic talisman that makes my sad friends laugh. Like every tool, it has to be applied correctly, which is why you haven't heard about it yet - I'm keeping it in reserve. Oh, but it's called Bunny. It does not make me sneeze.

I guess things could be okay now. I think I've gotten over the recent rough patch. I haven't actually figured anything out - I just have ground under my feet again. I don't know what I'm going to do now, about internet identities, about trust and betrayal and safeguards and honour and love. All of those have been corroding my thoughts, and for the last three-or-so weeks especially, I've been really, really unhappy. All the stereotypical crying-self-to-sleep and tearing-things-up stuff. But you know why you're hearing about this? Because I think I'm BETTER now. Or I'll MAKE IT SO. *brilliant grin*

I'm finally choosing my courses for Victoria University. It's annoying that there's no God and the Poets, or Australian Literature, courses being run this year, but I already knew that.

I'll see if I can manage a more interesting entry in a few days. If anything's happened by then.

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I don't know what I'm going to do now, about internet identities, about trust and betrayal and safeguards and honour and love.

- oh dear, I wonder what happened to *you*...but whatever it is, I can probably relate. Me and Love...heh...story of a lifetime as you know. Good to hear you're back on your feet. Hope you stay there.

Refer previous post for the general type of angst.

And amen to that. :)

Well, you giggle at such things as "I think we should see other people."

I'd say that makes you better.

You also said that I was deranged at the time.

Not contradicting you. Just saying.

Rabbits make me sneeze. ^!^

Because I'm too polite to ask,* I don't know much beyond your courteous description to me, explaining the reason for your journal's deletion - so I don't know the exact particulars of this breach of trust (or where this sentence is going, the silly, mal-formed thing). Anyway, what I'm saying is this: you don't have to automatically trust everyone again. Hell, you can even have your doubts about me, if you like (which I'm happy to refute). It's just good to have you back, popping up now and then on my friends list.

Just keep believing in lemons and you'll be alright.

* In case you're worrying, I'm not asking you to tell me the full story. I respect your right to keep the details to yourself.**

** Neither am I doing that here.

Hurrah for Buneater, who has just invented benevolent fine print. Not that I really needed those disclaimers to be assured that you have the manners of a lady, but they're most considerate. I will settle happily enough for taking you at your word - until you tell me you have walked into a shop and bought basler leckerli, after which I shall be entirely secure, for I shall know that your mind is mine to twist and bend, to send hither and thither.

Whom else were you expecting?

glad to see your back on the path of non-misery :)

if that bunny the one im thinking of?

Well, now I've told you all of Bunny's terrible secrets, so yes. Thanks for the hug. Was just thinking today about sitting in your room at Unicomm, chatting, hanging around - I wonder if I miss that room more than you did. ^!^

Bunny! Where's the bunny! *looks around wildly* Oh, hi Morbane dearest.

*states facts*

Rabbits come from hats.
My journal comment tag is "Wave a hat my way."
As I type this, the responses have been recorded as approximately "32 outlandish hats".
Start looking.

Everything you say makes me smile. *smiles*

Miles and miles of smiles.

*agrees with Lexie very much*
I like bunnies. They are fluffy. If I had a bunny, I would name it Genevieve. Lala.
*hugs you* You're so awesome, Morbane.

*hugs you back* Genevieve's a good name, and Lala could be her fairy godmother. Or her ferret godmother. Rabbits can have ferret godmothers, right? Or are they ferret dogmothers?

...Yes, Morbane, sounds like it's time to sign off the internet and go take your shower.

(Deleted comment)
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