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The cat came back
SSar's Beast

Yes, I know I deleted this journal, but here I am again, because it's simply too hard to keep up with everyone without the benefit of having a well-connected account, and I didn't want to lose contact with you all. SSar is back. Please forgive her. She loves you a lot.

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*gives Morbane an enormous basket of the most delicious lemons in the world*

It's SO GOOD to have you back, good Morbane. We love you too. :)

I'm glad you decided to return! Catnip cookie?

I left and came back for that very reason, lol.

Morbane, I was wondering where you went! o_O

Welcome back!

*hugs you*
MORBANE! Do you know how glad I am that you came back? You're very cool and jolly and I missed you! So, I am very glad that you are back! Because I don't think I could've survived without you for very much longer!
*hugs you again*

And it just clicked where the cat reference is from. I definitely forgot that song existed until just this minute.

Now I feel like a git because I never noticed. Do I have an excuse in having been away?

I'm very relieved to have you back online! Thanks for catching up with me during your whirlwind tour of Welly :)
All goes well here... will send you letter extolling the virtues of cute Russian nurses presently.

Welcome back!!!!!!

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