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SSar's Beast
I must be the only person who didn't really like The Incredibles. Otherwise I've been lucky. My co-worker's party, which I'd been trying to get out of attending, was cancelled because the owners of the house came back a day early. My mother and I hopped into the car to go fabric-shopping and were in perfect time for a radio interview of Diana Wynne Jones by Margaret Mahy. Also unusual was calling up the friend I'd been going to see a movie with today, only to find she has chickenpox. Poor Chenloeth. Maybe I just have that effect on people... I have made some resolutions for this year, but I think I'll keep them private for now. Except one, which is a guideline rather than a resolution; I want to avoid new relationships this year.

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An interview of Diana Wynne Jones by Margaret Mahy? *faints in delight* Two of my favourite authors nattering to each other? Dammit - why do these things never occur in my life?

Good luck with your guideline. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go away to try and work out why you wouldn't have liked The Incredibles.

I'm really sorry I was listening to it from a car, otherwise I would absolutely have recorded it for you. I did think about that as I was listening. I did think, "Oh, drat, I bet Buneater'll be mad she missed this."

Reasons I didn't like The Incredibles

-Superheroes seeming too powerful; why does Violet get TWO powers, for example?
-Interesting ideas never seeming fully developed; for example, 'When everyone's special... no one will be special'; extremely politically-minded. I appreciated the NCEA-reminiscent idea that 'enhancing every individual's creative worth' is just another manifestation of tall poppy syndrome. Family life was only exploited for the gags. The 'superheroes resented' idea was similarly used only for convenience.
-Over-impressive gadgetry that's never backed up logically - for example Syndrome's booster rockets. When Jack-Jack tears one off, how the heck does he keep stable? And Syndrome's control room was so completely taken from X-Men that it should have been referred to in the credits. It makes sense that Syndrome's environment should be stuffed with powerful technology to emphasise the relationship between his inventions and his ego, but it was hard to tell the difference between character ego-stroking and design team ego-stroking.
-Some of the gags were just too predictable. For example, I was extremely annoyed when the van ended up perfectly parked. Who didn't see that coming from miles ahead?

But I think you can see the real reason I didn't enjoy it: I went into the movie hoping it would be clever enough to really give me food for thought, and didn't allow myself to relax and go along for the ride.

I loved Edna. And my favourite scene is that in the plane where Helen is asking for directions from the island's supposed control tower. The parts where she is taking the plane through evasive manoeuvres and also shrieking at the island's communications systems as if they'll behave rationally - in those her character seems the best combination of ordinary and extraordinary, and she is more than one kind of hero. I was impressed by that.

Well, those are all valid points. It's good to have solid reasons for not being blown away by a movie. Yesterday, I saw The Brotherhood of the Wolf, which annoyed me with its rambling, apparently drunken plot. Today, I was Paycheck, which I quite liked but which seemed to have action for its own sake, rather than the sake of the plot. To conlude: two films that I enjoyed watching but which both had significant flaws in my eyes.

My Timothy asked exactly the same question about Violet's having two powers. I have a theory on it myself but I'm wondering if there's an actual "reason" as dreamed up by the writers.

But.... but..... but....


And I assume that you're the eagle, as this weasel is seldom, if ever, speechless.

Understood. Being American helps.

Okay, I admit it that its ability to curl into a ball and roll things flat appealed greatly. Otherwise, bleh.

Well, fine. But know this- *you* made Brad Bird cry.

Just to clarify- when you look like you're about to make a new friend, will they be shot instantly, or just warned off?

Friends? I love friends. Friends ensure the world's revolution. I meant the more exclusive type of relationship.

Besides, I don't have anything to shoot them with.

Unless you have a spare Uzi?

*ALWAYS* got a spare Uzi.

You lie, weaselfilms. Happy New Year. Sorry to have been off the air for so long...

i think he means a spare oozey..

No desire to borrow spare 'oozey'.

you dont borrow oozeys.. they borrow you

With warning, red carpet could have been arranged... it's good to see you.

Hey there. Happy 2005 thoughts?

...I just convinced my friends that we should go see Spanglish rather than The Incredibles.

Using any of my reasons? *grins*

Tell me how Spanglish was.

I did use your reasons! *grins*

I really liked Spanglish. The right amount of humor, reality, everything a movie needs I suppose. I loved the way it was told.

...I could have enjoyed it better if I realized before I sat down three minutes after the movie started that the ground in front of me had been soaked with large amounts of soda. *makes a noise* I was literally soaked up to my ankles.

That's more disturbing than my co-worker's long fingernails.

My cousin had a bootleg copy of the Incredibles and I started to watch it but it didn't hold my attention. Maybe not for any of your reasons but nonetheless...

Happy 2005 Morbane. :)

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