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SSar's Beast
NZ 0475 Auckland Wed 05 Jan 8:00 pm Wellington Wed 05 Jan 9:00 pm

NZ 0478 Wellington Fri 07 Jan 8:30 pm Auckland Fri 07 Jan 9:30 pm

...and I bet none of YOU lot got a sewing machine for Christmas!

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Not yet fixed. Probably a backpackers' hostel.

Hostels? Someone likes the high life. Don't forget, as an Exec member, you're allowed to crash in the VUWSF locker.

Heck, I'll even waive the rent.

...I got a sewing machine last year


From now on you are "Unknown LJer with the Sewing Machine," unless you care to provide another point of reference.

I always wanted a sewing machine...

Well, next year you can borrow mine when you need it. It's smaller than my typewriter.

I got three hairballs fresh from the cats...

Was that a recognition of the Christmas season, or a protest against it? =/

*grins* So what did you get, then? :)

-shampoo products and things of the like
-CD player
- ?CaNdY CaNeS?

and all the pins people placed on my map!! ha-ha-ha...

no one here knows me well enough, though. ooo well. i must say, though, i prefer e-cards then actual gifts.. *i'm just, weird like that* .. or just cards..(personalized )

A sewing machine! I like sewing! I've sewn a little...mouse! Er...yes. *nods a bit* Have a jolly day!

I have to say that Louise got a sewing machine for Christmas. She got it in July, so a wee bit early, but still. :)

Well, actually... *g*

I might've, but I can't remember. That's the trouble with having a birthday less than two weeks before Christmas - it's much harder to remember which week you got stuff, and thusly whether it was a birthday or Christmas present. It was a few years back now anyways... *considers* Probably 7 or 8 years ago as it would've been either my last year of primary school, or the first year of secondary school (I think. Maybe. Very roughly). I have the vague idea it was probably actually a birthday present, but I really couldn't say for sure one way or the other.

Yeah, well, my birthday's THREE days before Christmas, and I never have that problem.

Of course, my haul this year was a big bag of chocolate, a penguin avatar, and a book.

In toto. (Which may well piss off Dorothy.)

chocolate over x-mas.

ive been given chocolate. lots of it.
i currently possess aprox 2kg of the heavenly stuff.
too much of a good thing i think.

There's the rain of manna, and then there's the thunderstorm.

I got one a few years ago. My brother got a bike that same Christmas and I was a little jealous (although I was quite happy with said sewing machine). However, you can't ride a sewing machine to reach destinations faster, but neither can you make your own clothes with a bike...

I have never been able to sew. So no, no sewing machine for me. I did end up with enough chocolates to fill a couple of bags, though.

(This is miut on the new account that she had to move to, just to warn you).

Oh, yes. Forgive me for forgetting to add you. There we go...

My new sewing machine is called by its designer 'Elnita', so perhaps I will call it 'El Nino'. Hm. Do you think 'Elnita' is personalised enough already?

'Elnita' is quite personalised, but I prefer 'El Nino'. It'd be a good name.

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