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I have seen drunkards/ Do more than this in sport.
SSar's Beast
Sorry to everyone with whom I was chatting, only to mysteriously vanish, earlier today. There being a lull in conversation, I got up to make myself a coffee coke, and while absently cleaning the knife I used to cut the lemon, slashed across the base of my thumb. Not very seriously. It has a dressing on it now, but the rabid people at the clinic also made me wear a small sling for the moment. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this one-handed typing. Or not...

I'm sorry, but the people to whom I owe letters will just get them a little later than they otherwise would have. Speaking of which, thank you again, Chrissy my dear. I can't believe how that poor envelope strained. I love the drawing and have chosen some photos for you to have in exchange for the ones you sent me. You sent me a fantastic letter.

My life at Kmart continues to run along the lines of this quote:

Man: Do you have any Inspiration?
Me: Well - the brand rings a bell, but is it a top? A skirt? A shoe?

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Man: Do you have any Inspiration?
Me: Well - the brand rings a bell, but is it a top? A skirt? A shoe?

what a fantastic start to a short story!

It has implications on so many different levels.

Write it now! [Me cheering you on.]

I hope your thumb heals well and soon, you poor thing.

*wonders if she can also find inspiration at Kmart*

This is off topic.

But you know why.

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