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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
This is a slightly girly entry, because I have allowed someone to play with my hair (rare event) and it is now straight. Quite straight. All right, so it rained a little on the way home and it's trying to wave again. But. Oooooh.

I spent most of the day consuming caffeinated beverages (hurrah for home-made coffee)! In the evening, I went next door to find Seng irascible; in making a Christmas wreath yesterday, her face had brushed up against some plant horrible and toxic that had made it swollen and painful. I decided Caladryl Clear antihistamine, and movies, were the way of distraction.

In the movie, one of the male characters had an extended but platonic evening with a pretty girl, then when she left, dumped a bucket of cold water over his head. I would have dismissed that as a slightly farcical mood indicator, if Seng hadn't rolled her eyes, glanced at me, and asked, "you know why he's doing that, right?"

I blinked. "...Yes?"

"Yeah, good. It's just that you're quite innocent."

"Not... that... inno..." I spluttered. I wisely shut up.

It's a bit worrying. She's sixteen months younger than me. I've been away a year at University. I have a boyfriend. ^!^ And yet... her valuation of my naïveté is obviously through the roof. I wonder how I can exploit this.

It makes me miss Wellington.


In further news, Jenocide is leaving in two days for two weeks in Miami, where, for the first time, she will meet her boyfriend of four years. If I had a god, I'd pray. Meanwhile, I'm relying on Ifni, Abeona, and Mercury, for whom I've always had a soft spot. And, of course, the goddess Ishtar. ^!^ I want to bore her to sleep with tips and warnings. I want to buy her mace. I want her to come back having learned something about herself and about him that makes her even more who she is. I keep ringing her, but she's away on movie trips and boat parties and at work. I think I'll manage to catch up to her tomorrow morning.

Oh, and in the next few weeks I should have a cellphone. The thought of being able to text people is very exciting.

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Hello. ^_^. Good night! o_o;;

ahh innocent one :)
what movie would this be?

oo, text!

(Deleted comment)
You already did, remember?

At least, as far as the first action goes. As far as the second one, perhaps you were a cat in a past life.

Ooh - a mobile! You'll have to put your number in a locked entry so I (and all your other friends) can send you texts from all over the world. Huzzah!

Bet you looked realy pretty!!

Was it this straight?


Your eyes are a really interesting colour in this picture. And the green-cast items in your background look like some kind of architectural modern art.

Slightly farcical?

It's utterly unrealistic. As we all know, buckets of water are never self-inflicted, but always go in a female-to-male direction.

Or maybe that's just me.

Well, you do come off as innocent in an indearing way, but that just insults your intelligence. ^_^

Now i am quite experianced at being called innocent and the best way to exploit it is to look confused and a bit blank whenever someone tells a sick joke. Then say "I don't get it" or something simaler (use differant responses each time so people don't suspect) in a confused voice. At this point people may a) explain it which has its own amusments B) (and this is my fav response) look horribley embarassed and splutter for a while or C) scoff and say somehting like "oh please you KNOW, you do know,... don't you? yeah you do..." All in all a lot of fun. More effective if you really don't understand a few of the jokes though

omg you have a boyfriend? yay go you!!

:) thanks.

Indeed. I had one, recently.

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