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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
grammar is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Positively mystic. May I be smitten if that was not the first result I got.

Also, there's a small valiant Great Divide in the backyard - Mum learning to use a kango hammer to conquer volcanic rock. Because of the additions my parents have been making to the back shed, a new electric cable needs to be laid, and Mum decided she could do part of the job on her own. Whee, trench.

I went to talk to Mint at the Telecom Keep-In-Touch screen that connects an Auckland and a Wellington mall. An awkward sort of thing to do. Part of the trouble was that we'd used up small talk in a MSN conversation just half an hour ago, and small talk is the most applicable kind to talking loudly with passersby smiling paternally and walking across the screen. Thanks, though. Thanks muchly. ^!^

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You are a love, know that dear?

You're lovely, and dear may be that knowledge.


Smitten with *whom* exactly, young lady?

You imply overmuch from the past passive formation of 'May the gods smite me'. I suppose I must be more careful about what I wish for.

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