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SSar's Beast
I really have to get some music stuck in my head that isn't muzak... even if it's healthy. The music played at Kmart is maybe a pair of CDs, repeating every hour or so, repeating every day. Each one has an annoying message that is either demeaning to women, demeaning to men, or just demeaning to intelligence. I normally protect myself from analysing this, but when I hear the songs over and over and over again, I make up sarcastic rejoinders in my head before becoming bored with cynicism.

Cynicism is boring.

It's especially unappealing now, because right now I am at a happy point. I am in a happy place. There is a cat asleep on the chair beside me. I have been feeling content since I got my Kmart job, because it is nice to know that I am accumulating money, and I haven't been at it long enough to be too bored, yet.

I was thinking yesterday that I have been noticing the lack of physical affection involved in transferring from Wellington to Auckland. In Wellington, I have heaps of people who hug me every day. (What a nice thing to be sure of...) In Auckland on a normal day I have my cat and my parents. But yesterday I also got hugs from Claire, Nakita, Juanita, Zali, and Pip. Improvement? Indeed.

By the way, try counting on your hands the number of things you can count on your hands.


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Auckland? You never told meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh well.

Sorry. The last few days were hectic. I'm sure I delegated someone to hug you goodbye from me... Well, I hope I did.

I love your new icon, though.

yeah itds great aye i stole it from some random webisoite of some compuany

err excuse me imm drunk right nw aye hehe.

In my house people believe that if they touch each other they'll shrivel up and die.

Touch each other gently, you mean.

By the way, try counting on your hands the number of things you can count on your hands.


*flinch* OMG

Well, speaking as a mathematician, these two quantities are not equal. In fact, defining x as the number of fingers you have, the number n of things you can count is related to x by:

x = log(2) (n+1)

The addition of 1 is required, of course, to allow for the zero case. Thus, a human with all their digits intact can count 1023 things, despite only being able to count to 10 on their fingers.

I trust this resolves the matter.

Indeed, thank you. I was planning to use binary.

But my problem really comes from the fact that when you can count to a certain number of things on your hands, and the class "things you can count on your hands" has fewer than 1023 members, then the class becomes a member of itself, causing Russell's paradox.

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