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SSar's Beast
Excuse me while my cat kills me. She's just been so affectionate since I got home. *winces as Rikki tightens a claw on my wrist*

I don't have much to say. I am working tomorrow 10~6 and the next day 12~8. So far I like everyone at my work except for Sandeep. On Tuesday, I see Claire in the morning. I am still writing snail mail, during my breaks. I owe emails too. You will get them.

Signing out laconically,


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Ouch. I know how that feels.

Throw some catnip to her. It usually distracts them, he he.

I need a job...*sigh* Anyhoo, I wish I could have a cat. I'm allergic. Your cat could probably really kill me.

What a pity. My cat, by contrast, keeps me lively.

I'm allergic to rabbits, though.

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