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Gainful Employment and other joyous hearkenings
SSar's Beast
AttentionPleading!Mwr: Well, I investigated the new Door-Adorned-Hole-Under-The-House, which My Parents in Their Wisdom had constructed under my window, and deemed it unfit for the purpose of Curling Up And Dying In. ^!^ So I am back with you all in the land of People Who Laugh And Smile At Things Sometimes. The excess of capital letters comes about courtesy of the five of seven days this week for which I didn't really feel up to using any at all.

WorkforceIncluded!Mwr: Yes! I now have a job! Actually, even better, I got six days between the end of the More-Creative-Swearing-Needed job hunt and the actual induction. Only two of which are over. :) I sign a pact with K-Mart on Thursday.

Justifying!Mwr: Er, just so you know, I'm not complaining just because it was a job hunt, you know, because that fits into the category of annoying-trials-that-are-a-necessary-part-of-life. Mine was just such a hassle because the parents got a little too personally involved.

Mum: "I just feel really helpless about this. I don't think I'm being very effective. Can you tell me how you feel about all this?"
Me: "We went on this walk because I broke down crying, and it's not even lunchtime yet. It was your suggestion that this apparently stabilising walk take us to Mercy Hospital where Dad spotted a low-skills job opening. Can we leave the emotional discussion until LATER, because I don't want to ask for a job with a tear-smudged face?"
Me: "Yeah, it's 12:30 now, and it took me 45 minutes to walk back from the mall. My interview was at 9:30am and took fifteen minutes. In the meantime, I walked around the mall looking for other job advertisements, left my CV at a couple of stores, and secured an interview tomorrow with Hallensteins. The Hallensteins application form was extremely extensive, including questions like 'Describe a situation in which you demonstrated leadership potential,' and 'What do you think is the current trend in fashion?' So it took me at least 45 minutes to fill it out thoroughly."
Dad: "...Well... what about the rest of the time?"
Me: *gulp* "Um... uh... I needed to get some gift ideas?"
Dad: "..."
Me: [small bratty firework explosion to the extent of "You've given me this advice five times already!"]
Mum: "I know you're really sick of us getting in your face with job advice. How about I just type up a sheet for you of things you could be doing to maximise your time every day?"
{some time later} Me: "...It has... check boxes... to tick off?...!!!"
Dad: "I'd like to think well of you, Sara. I don't think I've set the bar too high."

So this week involved Mum getting a re-surge of eczema, Dad kicking things such as poor, harmless rubbish bins, and me losing food, sleep, and sa[li]nity. But now things are better.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me up. I didn't react well to being jumped on by people asking if I was okay, because on Thursday or Friday the main thing that kept me going was the thought that I could make an LJ post that made vague reference to my let's-use-an-angsty-word-here,-here-goes,-'suffering'. It was meant to be trying to be self-mocking, and then it got interpreted as attention-seeking whinging. A lesson to me. But thanks to the people who cheered me up, anyway. Thanks to the leprechauns. Thanks to the next-door-neighbour who came in, broke me out of paralysis by the need to keep her from terrorising Dad ["Please don't terrorise Dad again." "Why not? It's fun."] and ordered me to talk to Mint and Gold. Thanks to Mint and Gold. Thanks to Lara and to everyone else too.

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I've just had the mad idea of naming my lemon tree Morbane. It makes sense. After all, I think of you every time I see it. ;)

Many congratulations on the job-holding-ness.

*gifts Morbane with an empty tea mug*

I'm sorry - it's all I have to hand. Unless you'd like some cords for connecting a CD player to an amp?

w00t! Sorry, that's all that comes to mind when I learn that I now not only have a cat, but a lemon tree named after me. It's a pity that they'll never meet up, as the kitty lives in the middle of North America... Now *that* would make a rad novel idea. (Sorry. You still employ a NaNoWriMo icon, despite renouncing it. You are therefore subject to teasing.)

*hugs gratefully*

Hehe - hey, if I'm teasing myself by proudly embracing a "NaNoWriMo drop-out" icon, then I'm certainly open to teasing from outside sources. ;)

*sternly* Should a drop-out have such a pretty pen? I'd imagine a chewed, broken-in-half pencil would be more in keeping with the theme. *makes plans to steal the pretty pen*

*gifts Morbane with the pretty pen*

I never could write with pretty pens anyway - it always felt wrong to actually use such prettiness. :)

*looks shy* Oh... ye of the humility must surely keep it.

plz not K-mart.....you are so much better then that.

Heh. That really is true! *nods a lot*

*smiles* EEEE! K-Mart. Sounds rather jolly. *hugs*

The reading, from the book of Joss, chapter Angel, verse 501, concerning entering into pacts with evil law firms:

"Please initial here concerning your immortal soul."

It may be wise to check that K-Mart is not an evil department store.

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