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Elves and other riff-raff
SSar's Beast
I just spent two and a half hours over at a friend's house helping her edit a 900-word story with her English-teacher mother prowling around and calling me "the specialist from Writing Consultations Inc". That makes me feel exhausted, but I also feel as if I've passed some kind of beta-reader upgrade test. As if I'm now a Beta Adept instead of a Beta Initiate, on my way to Beta Mastery.

Today involved Hell Pizza and Lord of the Rings videos. We were going to make Katie watch Fight Club, but she said that Angela was going to make her watch it eventually anyway, so we let it be.

Watching Lord of the Rings with costume enthusiasts and Med students is... entertaining. We talked a lot about the exact way that the elves do their hair, and Katie tried to figure out the exact vital organs punctured by this or that arrow.

Amusing side note: I was made cheerful the other day by reading the letter of a friend who was in my French class last year. She remembered, and seemingly still laughs over, the incident in which I threatened my French teacher with a real sword because he was late on marking our assignment. (Ten WEEKS late). I was so proud of myself...

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Note to self: Always respect Morbane-related deadlines.


Thank you. You know, I appreciate that.

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