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Cross My Heart: Dear Crossovering Creator 2017
SSar's Beast
This is my letter for the [community profile] crossovering | Crossovering fic and art exchange for crossover works. Sadly, sign-ups have closed and this letter is VERY late, but I encourage anyone who's interested to check out the prompts.

Dear my creator / interested readers:

This letter is intended to complement my prompts for specific crossovers and fusions. Those prompts can be found here: middle of this page.

General likes

For crossovers and fusions specifically: Art can be any style of combining canons, but for stories, my favourite things are stories that take note of both canons' worldbuilding and underlying rules and combine them. I love original characters and outsider viewpoints in crossover fic, and I love stories that create a world that bridges two canons rather than representing one or the other fully faithfully. After that, I most enjoy fusions, and stories that either utilize canon-plausible portals/travel, or imply that the two canons always took place in the same world.

More generally: I love competence and loyalty. I like uplifting and hopeful messages, and protagonists who champion them, and also villains with strong motivations and critiques of the protagonists' goals. Characters are welcome in any shade of grey. People screwing up and then learning from their mistakes is also welcome. I love magical realism, dramatic weather, trains, telepathy, dragons. For porn, I love dubcon, noncon, telepathy, praise kink, and awkward-but-not-emotionally-disastrous sex. I love mentors and protegé(e)s, and identity porn. I love Big Damn Hero moments, and people who are just trying to make it by in a weird world. I love it when authors and artists incorporate something about which they have a lot of specialized knowledge.

Art likes
I really love highly stylised art - geometric patterns, decorative patterns, fancy borders and framings. I like skylines and a sense of distance. I love costume details, or character studies done through faces or poses. However, I don't consider myself particularly visually literate / good at figuring out ambiguous images, so if you're deciding between something very simple, and something very complicated and ambitious, I think I'd prefer the former if it would ensure I can easily interpret what you have created. I like jewel tones and earth tones and grays. I am less keen on neons and Lisa Frank rainbow palettes and pastels, unless contrasted with black/grays/muddier tones.

Please don't feel constrained by either my AO3 prompts or my fandom notes. I like a lot of things, and I look forward to receiving something I didn't expect as much as I look forward to you fulfilling my specific prompts.

General dislikes

DNWs: Amnesia, esp. tropey amnesia; substance abuse, addition, really self-destructive behaviour based on substance abuse; graphic harm to hands.
Exceptions: canon-style amnesia is OK for The Good Place and Dollhouse.

Specific canons

Black Jewels - Anne Bishop
I love some of the most indulgent parts of this canon: psychic powers, loyalty kink, sacrifices, found family, a Chosen One resisting the Corruption of Society... all of the most codified parts of this could be great fun to blend with another canon. I'm also fascinated by pre-Jaenelle eras, and the fate of Terreille in late-/post-canon times. For characters, I'm particularly fond of Wilhelmina, Saetan and Sylvia (especially together), and members of Jaenelle's coven, especially if we see them ruling their own Territories.
Requesting with: Dollhouse, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Person of Interest

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
I enjoyed the tropey fun, the way the five victims did and didn't fit their archetypes, the underlying bureaucracy and desensitization to evil, the elder god worldbuilding, and the eventual menagerie of mayhem. Saving people, or changing the scenario so it's not quite so lethal, would be welcome; so would revelling in the murder. People rebelling against the sacrifices are particularly welcome, and if you want to explore other locations or points in time, that would be excellent.
Requesting with: Pokémon, Hunger Games, Greek & Roman Mythology

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV)
I love and despair over Rebecca, and enjoy the line she walks between being a terrible person and being someone I root for. I also especially love Greg, Heather, and Valencia, and Darryl and White Josh. Plots relating to any of Rebecca, Heather, or Valencia's interests and/or jobs are welcome; so are incredibly weird scenarios involving past acquaintances, West Covina life, and narrating one's own life. Would kind of prefer Rebecca not let anyone down horribly during the course of the fic, but it is sort of par for the course here.
Requesting with: The Good Place, The Middleman

I enjoyed the combination of tropey indulgence "these people can be anything for you" / "it's about what you need" with questions of ethics and developing technology that ultimately shook society. My favourite show characters include Caroline, Whiskey, Adelle, Sierra, Priya, Victor, Anthony, and Bennett, though I'm also fond of Topher and Dominic. I'd love seeing the technology, or just the ideas of people evolving through added memories, or people becoming what they need to be according to someone else's whim, incorporated into other canons. I'd also love it if in another modern-day-ish canon, you wrote in subtle or unsubtle hints that Dollhouse events are happening at the same time.
Requesting with: Person of Interest, MCU, Black Jewels

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
This canon got to me early and filled me with a love of friendly dragons, telepathic companions, socially mandated sex-pollen, and to a slightly lesser extent, feudal societies rapidly accelerating in technology, and education/journalism/politics through song. Any of those aspects (though especially the dragons) would be great to integrate into another canon, and for a Pern setting, I'm particularly interested in characters making the transition between an Interval and a Pass or vice versa. I like Moreta, Oklina, Debera, F'lar, Lessa, F'nor, Brekke, Manora, and Mirrim especially, if you want to showcase those characters or set them down in another world.
Requesting with: Kingsman, Pokémon

Fairy tales
I have a lot of favourites, and I really enjoy seeing people dig into their patterns and their quirks. See my previous prompts for the Once Upon a Fic exchange here, here, and here for some particular favourites; I am also fond of ones I've written in in the past. I enjoy the cosy just-world fallacy of nice things happening to nice people & bad things happening to bad people, and I enjoy when this is subverted with a vengeance. I enjoy quests for beautiful magical objects and animal companions.
Requesting with: Utena, Madoka, Labyrinth, Sucker Punch

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison
I enjoyed this as a cosy fantasy that ticked boxes for loyalty kink, worldbuilding, and competence. I enjoy Csevet, Csethiro, Cala, Beshelar, Maia, Nurevis, Idra, Csoru, and Nedaö. Past and future eras of the Ethuveraz would also be welcome. In my sign-up, I mostly prompted for a fusion between Rogue One & The Goblin Emperor using Baze & Chirrut, but as I write this, it might also be neat to see Maia as a leader in some obscure corner of the Star Wars universe, slowly learning to exercise power to do good and resist the Empire, or for Csethiro to try to follow Jedi teachings.
Requesting with: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

The Good Place (TV)
I really enjoy the wit and banter in this canon, and all of the relationships between Tahani and Eleanor and Chidi; Michael and Janet are great; Jason is also a lot of fun, I just like the others all a little more. I adore Michael's "Humans! So weird!" schtick, and Janet's aggressive cheerfulness. Inclusion of any of Tahani or Eleanor or Chidi, in any combination, would be a plus if you are using Good Place characters. But I'm also just fascinated to see other characters engage with the world of the Good Place (and potential Bad and Medium Places). Confuse characters about whether they're on Earth or elsewhere and have fun.
Requested with: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Middleman

Greek and Roman Mythology
I'm afraid I'm less familiar with the Aenead and the Iliad, and more familiar with stories of the gods adapted from Ovid and Hesiod. I enjoy the sense of the gods' power juxtaposed with their very human vanity and pride and weakness. Stories about people under their favour/wrath are interesting - the gods themselves don't need to appear. Naiads and dryads etc are also cool! Some favourite figures: Hestia, Pandora, Hermes, Hades, Demeter - but please don't feel restricted to those.
Requesting with: Pokémon, Cabin in the Woods, Hunger Games

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
I like the extremely inventive hodgepodge worldbuilding - there's so much to play with, and it's also fun to pick at the ways it doesn't fit together. Teacher and student characters both welcome, especially Ginny, Tom, and Luna, though I'm less keen on Snape. Inclusion of bits of cultures and lores that are briefly mentioned in the books would be really cool.
Requesting with: Person of Interest, Madoka, Tomorrowland

Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
I enjoy the dystopian system and the glory of the Capitol's tech set against the justified fury of the Districts. I enjoy the relationship between Victors and Tributes, and how even if you win it's not remotely over. Worldbuilding welcome; other canon characters in the system welcome. For canon characters, I'm particularly fond of Katniss, Cinna, Prim, Effie Trinket, and Haymitch.
Requesting with: Pokémon, Cabin in the Woods, Greek and Roman Mythology

Kingsman (Movies)
I like the sense of fun and somewhat simplistic morality; I love the feats of timing and athleticism and the loyalty kink. I really like the mentor-mentee bonds, whether between Harry and Eggsy, or Merlin and Eggsy and Roxy, and I love Eggsy and Roxy as teammates. Original characters also welcome. I have only been mildly spoiled for upcoming movie, and will probably see it soon after it comes out. Feel free to handwave deaths and similar aspects of the status quo.
Requesting with: Dragonriders of Pern, Pokémon

Labyrinth (1986)
I like the fantastical world, the power of story, and the power of wish and will. I like the exploration of the way expectations shape reality, and I love the range of moods, from frightening to absurd. I love Sarah's friendship with Hogget and Sir Didymus and others, and also her much more complicated relationship with Jareth. I love that she is aware of her own power. I love Jareth’s own changeling, reflective nature. I like to think that we never see all of him. I definitely ship Sarah/Jareth (though, optional!). I'd also love to know more about Jareth's world - and how Sarah's book came to be. A future Toby interests me too. I'd enjoy seeing other canons' characters in a Labyrinth-esque setting or Sarah and/or Jareth interacting with others.
Requesting with: Madoka, Utena, Sucker Punch, fairy tales

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I love the balance of dark and light; I love Madoka's courage and humility; I love Homura's loyalty (obsession) and desperation; I love Kyubey's alien logic and that in its own way it is trying to save the universe. I adore the art, especially of the witch labyrinths. I love the magical girl powers and the ordinary parts of the world, and especially the relationship between Madoka and her mother. I really love everyone. I particularly love the exploration of the dangers of sacrificing yourself to save others, and the conversation Madoka and Junko have about mistakes.
Requesting with: Labyrinth, Utena, Sucker Punch, fairy tales

Marvel Cinematic Universe
I like: the hero narratives, the balance of conquering both internal and external demons, and the way the ethical questions to be grappled with shift according to the technology that's forcing the issues. I like it when different team members' skills complement each other. I like Big Damn Hero moments and I like worldbuilding that colours in what it means to have serums and AIs and self-assembling armor and Extremis. I like the way that who is using the technology (or is physically enhanced by it) is just as important as what the technology is. I haven't seen Dark World or Hulk movies. Fave characters include Maya, JARVIS, Gamora, Nebula, Starlord, Tony, Steve, Sam, Wanda. Less keen on Vision.
Requesting with: Dollhouse, Person of Interest, Black Jewels

The Middleman (TV)
I loved the zany humor of the show and pretty much every one of the characters. I loved that they had to deal with negotiating relationships as well as dealing with the absurd comic-book problem of the week. I would love to see the Middleman cast inserting antics and improbabilities into the lives of other canons' characters, or to see them figuring out other canons' weirdnesses. Alternate universes & dimensions and supervillains and aliens welcome.
Requesting with: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Good Place

Person of Interest
I like this canon's exploration of applied knowledge as power; I like that disparities of information explicitly lead to enormous power imbalances. I also have an uncomplicated love for the idea that the people with the information are trying to make the world a better place. I love Finch and Reese and their relationship (ship is welcome), I like the Machine and Grace and Zoe Morgan and Control and Fusco, and although I'd prefer she wasn't the only PoI character to show up if you're using PoI characters, I like Shaw. I like the sense of technology inexorably changing society, of things that can't be put back in the box once they've been taken out.
Requesting with: Harry Potter, Madoka, Tomorrowland

Pokémon - All Media Types
I love both the utopian image of humans and intelligent-or-sentient animals working together, and the darker and weirder corners of the Pokémon world. I especially love the exciting sense of discoveries to be made and worlds to be explored that has always been a cornerstone of the canon for me. I'm familiar with the anime through Johto, the main game series through Ruby & Sapphire, and Pokémon Go, but if you want to refer to characters and Pokémon from other parts of canon, go ahead - please just include notes for me at the start or end of the work. I like Gold and Silver, and for a handful of Pokémon I particularly like: Golem, Raichu, Cubone, Eevee, Unown, Gastly, Umbreon, Oddish, Bulbasaur, Mareep, Rhyhorn, Dragonair...
Requested with: Dragonriders of Pern, Kingsman

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
This movie broke my heart when I saw it and I've liked it more and more since. I loved its compromises and grey areas and that people could be flawed and do good things. I loved the idea of building from what's broken, and the way it populated the Star Wars universe with little-h and little-r heroes and rebels rather than Heroes and Rebels. I particularly liked Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, and Baze; Galen and Lyra are also interesting. Adventures, sacrifice, and one culture clashing with another all welcome.
Requesting with: The Goblin Emperor.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena
I love these messy, fierce, imperfect characters against their background of ritual and archetype. I love the straight-faced weirdness of witches and heart-swords and how that only sets the stage for very petty, very eternal conflicts. Each time I watch the show I have a new favourite character. I don't hate any of them. I'd love to see these characters in any other canons (perhaps pre- or post-Ohtori?), and I'd love to see other characters and canons integrated into Ohtori. More magical realism would be a bonus.
Requesting with: Madoka, Labyrinth, Sucker Punch, fairy tales

Sucker Punch (2011)
I love the worldhopping and the narrative play regarding whose story this is. I loved the thread of anger running through it. I enjoyed the sacrifices, though I'd be happy (-ier?) if everyone made it out alive, and the different fields of battle. I loved all the "girls", though particularly Baby Doll, and Sweet Pea and Rocket and their relationship.
Requesting with: Madoka, Utena, Labyrinth, fairy tales

Tomorrowland (2015)
I enjoyed Casey's courage and positivity, Frank being a jerk with a hidden heart, the world layered within a world, the sense of a future being something you could reach out and touch, and Frank and Athena's complicated relationship. I liked that hope vs despair vs pragmatism was a key theme. Any of Frank, Athena, Casey, or David would be cool to see, as would the tachyon machine appearing in any other canon. I'd love to know more about the culture of the Tomorrowland bubble-world, or have general ideas about the Tomorrowland world-within-a-world structure incorporated into other canons. Frank and Athena are welcome as a ship or platonically.
Requesting with: Harry Potter, Person of Interest, Madoka.

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