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Dear DJ
SSar's Beast
I feel a little sheepish that I didn't get this up earlier, to also serve as an advertisement to anyone who might be interested - but I think anyone in my flist/circle on either LJ or DW probably already knows about Jukebox! Anyway. So this is my letter for the Jukebox 2017 fanworks exchange. Jukebox is my precious pet project, so I am inclined to look on anything I get as a gift through a rosy haze of joy and pride, BUT my gifts tend to be fantastic anyway. Win/win. Dear person who is reading these prompts - thank you for reading, and I hope you find them interesting without being restrictive.

Note: I'm going to come back and add links and tidy up the formatting a bit, but the prompt information will not change.

DNWs / Please no: harm to hands, amnesia, addiction.

General likes
As well as what's in the prompts, I like earth tones and jewel tones, decorative geometric patterns, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. I'd prefer not to get neon/super bright blocks of colour contrasted with pastels. I'd also prefer, if your main art style is chibi human figures, that you include some setting or background if possible, as chibi figures aren't really my thing on their own. I love depiction of weather and landscapes. I like character studies and relationship studies that show what one character means to another through body language, expressions, etc. These are just suggestions: I'm no expert in giving art prompts, so if you're not sure what I want, draw something that interests you.

I like characters that aren't pure good or pure evil. I like outsider perspectives and worldbuilding. I like mundane/minor conflicts juxtaposed against much larger ones - "the world is ending and also I didn't remember to get my shoes re-soled", that kind of thing. Specifically for song-based fic, I LOVE it when authors take metaphorical imagery strictly literally - yup, she literally is a princess carved from marble, deal with it - or when they weave dramatic metaphors into a story in a wholly mundane, ordinary way. And anything in between. For supernatural tropes, hm, dark fairies is one of my go-to AUs, and I'm also fond of dragons.

I enjoy reading about functional and respectful romantic or platonic relationships, but I also enjoy really screwed-up relationships. I like stories about characters' relationships shifting - about those relationships changing due to changing loyalties, or simply due to time and life experience. Or in characters whose relationships to each other are determined from moment to moment by roles they are otherwise required to play. I'm just as interested in break-ups as get-togethers.

For porn specifically, my favourite tropes include: awkward sex, praise kink, telepathy, xeno, touch starvation, dub-con, non-con.

Use first, second, or third person, or past or present tense, as you prefer. For this exchange, I'm happy to receive poetry as well as prose, and unusual prose formats such as epistolary or found media.

I don't frequently ask for, or listen to, podfic, so I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions here. Whatever you choose to record, I hope it's a fun project, and I look forward to expanding my own experience of podfic by listening to yours.

Ordinary World - Duran Duran (Song)
FanFic, Podfic

This song offers science fiction themes: perhaps the narrator is trapped in a dimension that is not quite their own, and has to figure out how to get back, or how to adapt to their new existence. But there's also plenty to go on in if you'd prefer to keep the story strictly mundane. I particularly sympathise with the narrator's thoughts about how to compare their personal grief with large and tragic events going on in the world, and how to put them in perspective. Or perhaps the narrator has another reason, also personal, for reflecting on 'holy war and holy need'. Some more prompts:
-you could run with the 'alternate universe' interpretation
-how did the relationship fall apart? Was it pride?
-The narrator is clearly feeling a lot of sadness in the moment, but 'ghost of you' suggests the relationship has been ended for some time. Maybe they've been travelling and have just returned to the apartment they used to share with the other person?
-or just write me a story about the characters the way you see them.

As above, and also:
-there's potential to have fun with radio sound effects
-'a little sorrowed talk' - the rest of the song implies that the narrator is musing internally or at most talking out loud to themself. But that line suggests there's a dialogue. Play with that theme? How present is the narrator's ex, actually?

The Stranger Song - Leonard Cohen (Song)

I would love art for anything in this song, but if you'd like specific prompts:
-that meeting on the shore under the bridge - perhaps from a distance? I kind of imagine two people dwarfed by their landscape, and maybe by construction equipment, depending on how you interpret 'that they are building'
-the highway curling up like smoke, or trying the handle of the road - maybe a figure in the centre of a picture with roads (rivers, train lines) stretching away in all directions from them like the rays of a star
-the Dealer/Narrator/you/Stranger as Tarot card figure in the style of your favourite Tarot deck
-the characters as two playing cards
-a still life of a table with cards, a train schedule, and whatever else seems suitable to you - possibly other, odder things, like a golden cyborg hand or an imagined secret chart of hearts/roads/the past and future
-'reaching for the sky just to surrender'

This is a song with dark, cramped rooms, wide, open landscapes, two (or more) fascinating, unreliable figures who shift into each other and show all kinds of emotion - I hope you find a lot to work with here!

Glorious Dawn ft. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking - John Boswell (Song)
Fanart, FanFic

'Just choose something that interests you to draw' applies especially here because this song is full of abstract concepts that seem difficult to draw. But, some ideas:
-play around with space iconography from past and present: rockets, spacemen, space habitats, wormholes, diagrams of orbits
-the imagined geography of other worlds (when I was a kid I had a book with artist's impressions of the view from the surface of various planets and moons in the solar system - something like that would be cool!)
-'the shore of the cosmic ocean'
-'a galaxy-rise'

This song gives me such a joyful and hopeful feeling. Fic things I would love:
-a story about invented or real astronauts, astronomers, physicists, engineers, cognitive linguists, neuroscientists
-interpretations of 'a galaxy-rise'
-the first exoduses and settlements outside our solar system
-'if we do not destroy ourselves' - future history of moments when things looked bleak for humanity, but we took the better path
-basically, please give me space science fiction in any sense of those words.

Please don't make me anything really bleak for this song - I love how hopeful it makes me feel.

King of the World - Steely Dan (Song)
FanFic, Fanart, Podfic

It's a post-apocalyptic sometimes-roadtrip; I feel that gives an excellent starting point. Draw what you like; here are some prompts if you'd prefer
-dark city skylines, skylines in general
-overgrown or neglected signs of human habitation
-people making do with odd and improvised things
-especially for this song, anything done in the style of a comic - for example, a radio emitting static-y dialogue
-past compared with present - especially if it involves marigolds
-any clues to what caused the apocalypse - though please only hint at anything graphic, rather than depicting plague-ridden corpses, etc.

This is a dark and cynical song with an oddly warm, expansive tone to it. And despite the vast destruction, there's the potential for reconnection.
-Who is the narrator and how did they survive?
-'was it you I used to know' 'share my poisoned wine' - I wonder if the main person the narrator is addressing is not a friend, but a very old enemy, and what they are celebrating is the possibility of a strange kind of closure: sharing the end of the world.
-I particularly love fiction that juxtaposes major and minor concerns: so there's an apocalypse, but the narrator's personal history and issues are relevant here. Although I'm a little squeamish about the full implications of an apocalypse and the vast suffering it brings, the transition from "this is an ordinary day but something's slightly wrong somewhere distant" to "everything that we knew has changed" is fascinating to me. I love the bit about reading the paper and the sense of being able to see/imagine/remember, but not reach, the world that has been destroyed.
-the part about assassins/cons/rapers causes me to imagine an extra scenario: perhaps, right after the apocalypse occurred, the narrator had the opportunity to release/rescue people in a prison - and whichever choice they made then, they would make the opposite choice now
-and in contrast to that very dark prompt, perhaps the narrator catches up with at least one of the 'one and all' they're addressing, and they start to rebuild a community?

As above, but also:
-potential to have fun with radio sound effects?
-perhaps a diary format from various points in time after the apocalypse?

Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde (Song)
Fanart, FanFic

There are a tonne of weird, interesting images in this song! I hope at least one sparks your interest on its own, but those that specifically speak to me:
-princess cut from marble
-the narrator + one of the people who 'used to shout [their] name'
-'the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart' (possibly the narrator is an android or a cyborg?) (or possibly not someone with a human body at all?)
-'there's so much down here' - a city underground, or a city whose smog and skyscrapers block out the stars?

However you can make the hints and contradictions in this song make sense!
-what does the narrator dream of?
-why did people use to shout her name and why do they now whisper it?
-even if the imagery is all metaphorical, not real - where does this character derive their frame of references? (smoother than a storm makes me think of Jupiter; double-time shivers makes me think of lights pulsing on a server array)
-you can tell that 'the narrator is an AI or an android' is a pet theory of mine, but I'd also love to read something completely different that surprises me
-while referring to the metaphors and imagery, tell me a completely mundane story about ordinary people - I feel like that would be a challenge (but a fun one).

All Moments Leading to This - Lucid 3 (Song)
Fanart, FanFic

I feel that the song simply speaks for itself as to what can be prompted: skies of all seasons and weather; a city; a harbour; 'we take the salt from the water's edge and blow it into the wind'; 'I say a prayer for our success and blow it into a kiss'. Other possibilities:
-the oath ceremony, if you want to take that literally
-a group of people, as in the narrator and their body of friends - perhaps to go with the wish/wind imagery, one person standing slightly apart from a group, looking up / looking introspective?
-a group of people looking back on something they are leaving (a beach, a city).

I love the sense of hope and purpose in this song, the sense of outwardly ordinary but inwardly significant change, the sense that decisions have come to fruition. I also get a sense of peace and comfort from the way the narrator is enthralled by the sky and seasons - it's the sense of steadiness and calm that comes from thinking about order and beauty in something so much larger than one's own decisions and problems.

I also love that whatever the narrator is doing, they are doing it with their friends.

So: write me a story of a warrior (or other person who serves others in some way) who must swear an oath; tell me about someone going back to their home town after college; make this as fantastical or as prosaic if you like. I'll love anything you write if you gesture to the kind of tone I hear in this song, of purpose and awe and community and quiet, shared strength.

The Chain - Fleetwood Mac (Song)
Fanart, FanFic, Podfic

The narrator and the person they're addressing seem to have, or have had, a very complicated relationship - so any visual interpretation of their dynamic would be great. Chain imagery of course welcome! But I am also intrigued by 'running in the shadows'. Or illustrate something from the fic prompts below, if that speaks to you.

Why the ultimatum? Why this last chance? Any interpretation you can give me for this song would be grand. Some possible ones that occur to me: a fairy-tale like task whereby one lover must recognise or claim the other at a certain moment, or forever forfeit them; or, two people are forced to keep up the outward appearances of a relationship (and are thus 'chained' together) while their private feelings are a lot more complicated. When I first heard this song, I thought that the addressee had to *break* the chain (some other loyalty or compulsion affected them) in order to love the narrator. But the lyrics 'chain, keep us together' suggests otherwise, and that 'I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain' is an accusation from the narrator that the addressee has broken their promise. I'm happy with either interpretation!

As above.

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