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Important Things, in Questionable Order
SSar's Beast
1. Yuletide! This yearly writing exchange for small, obscure, or ephemeral fandoms is in full swing. I help run it. If you like writing to other people's prompts, and to deadlines, and finding out that someone else is interested in YOUR cherished fictional universe would make your year, come play in Yuletide.

Here's a post with lots of links.

I have been remiss in promoting this, because nominations are nearly over (8 hours and change remaining.) A lot of people participate in Yuletide without submitting suggestions for the pool of available canons (books, movies, musicals, TV commercials, blog posts, plays, comics, anime, etc) - but if the inclusion or exclusion of your favourite thing will determine whether or not you want to participate, better submit a nomination at the tag set now.

2. As of two days ago, we have secured a house. I like this house. This house has an upstairs and a downstairs, and mature trees, and a gate out to a little city park. It has a room that is perfectly suited to movie nights. It is close to a set of shops, and to the city, and to bus routes. If you ask me, I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about this house.

3. l am so happy about Pokémon Go. So happy. There is more to say there too, but it has given me immense joy.

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YOU GOT THE HOUSE YAAAAY!!!!! omg I want pictures, I am living vicariously through the house-buying of everyone younger and more financially settled than I am, can we see????

I feel kind of embarrassed about it since ... all the online pictures... give you an idea of what we paid for it. But I'll email you!

(oh also your link to the tag set says '.ort' so it's returning a 404)

I would love for you to tell me more than I could ever want to know about the house. Congratulations! (It's a good good feeling the first night you get to sleep in your own bed in your own house.)

Thank you, that's very kind! And I'm really looking forward to that first moment, yes!

Other moments I am looking forward to:

-seeing it empty and running around in it
-introducing the cat to the house
-picking a lemon off the lemon tree and eating it
-when the magnolia tree flowers
-when the pohutukawa tree flowers.

It's over in Creswick Terrace. Settlement is on November 4.

How have you been lately? I keep seeing your name in my chat window and thinking about catching up. I have the next two weeks off work for Yuletide tagmodding; might you have some time around then?

congratulation on the house! what a wonderrrrrful thing ♥

Congratulations!!!! Pictures! And home ownership essays! Exciting, exciting times!

Congratulations on the house! Finally securing ours was the most wonderful feeling—taking possession didn't feel nearly as momentous.

I wish you and J much joy with you new house.

CONGRATS on having FINALLY ATTAINED A HOUSE! So thrilled for you!

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