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The calm
SSar's Beast
I just started typing and a fantail (pīwakawaka) landed on a branch of the tree across the lawn. Gone now, but very pretty. I haven't seen fantails there before, only kereru. It's only the afternoon but feels like evening. Grey seeping in and around the branches as though someone's pushing stuffing through.

We saw two houses today, neither very promising. One was a townhouse up an extremely steep, long driveway that is now expanding itself upwards in my imagination. Another was a townhouse that felt cramped and precious and was on poles. "Four levels is too many," I said, thinking of the recent comments of a friend on what a poor economy of space stairs are. "Also I promised Ria a scamper hallway."

In a few minutes I will get up and start making fancy salads for Person of Interest night. Person of Interest night has been The Thing We Do On Sunday Night for over a year now - me and Joel and P and A & 20thcenturyvole. Previously with musicforwolves & his boyfriend, now with m. We finished season 4 just in time for season 5 to start. It had been years and years and years since I watched a major TV series as it actually came out.

[We alternate weeks at my house and at 20thcenturyvole's house. When it's at 20thcenturyvole's house, I bring salads. When it's at mine, she brings dessert.]

I enjoyed the show at first in a sort of iddy way for the set-up and the character dynamics between Finch & Reese. I'm also very fond of People Saving People stories. And I'd been promised that it would more and more explicitly become science fiction. This delivered!

I know the finale has been out for days, but I am not yet spoiled and I am very excited to find out how it officially ends.

It's well timed for us: the following Friday, A flies to Scotland to be with his girlfriend. I suspect there'll be a lot of Brexit talk at dinner tonight. (20th's sister lives in Scotland. Various others of the people around at dinner tonight have lived in the UK or have family there.) I don't have much to add, apart from questions. In the last few years - maybe since high school, actually - I've encouraged in myself a learned helplessness with regard to world politics. It's not particularly commendable.

In other head-out-of-the-sand impulses, I finally have no open AO3 assignments. First time since February! I kept putting my hand up for thing after thing. I am going to sign up to the Crossovering exchange, but it's in nominations phase and assignments won't be for nearly a month.

After the Night on Fic Mountain exchange* is Revealed, I'll have 99 works visible on my AO3 page. As a treat to myself, I will choose my 100th work very carefully. I'll probably choose a previous exchange prompt, something I fell in love with at the time and then had to put aside.

And also, I have time to read other people's work.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be reading intensely, because I have beta jobs to complete. But I really look forward to actually browsing AO3. Jukebox's works could use a second reading pass...

*Night on Fic Mountain is a midyear exchange for small fandoms, so I encourage having a look at the fandom list - one of your favourite small fandoms might have a new work.

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This is a weird question, but do the dudes in POI ever... emote? I started it, got intensely bored very quickly by White Men Clenching Their Jaws At Things, and stopped a few episodes in. The internet response has me thinking I made the wrong decision, but I really can't deal with 5 seasons of Christian Bale impersonations. So, emoting, does it happen? :D?

(fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic :D I'm so glad you get to pleasure read!)

Hahaha - not really. Both Reese and Finch do care about things, a lot, but they're both incredibly stoic. There is an early female character, Carter, who is easier to relate to, but (spoilers) she doesn't continue all the way through the series. And of the most important female characters later in the series, both Root and Shaw have explicitly stated problems with empathising with other humans and expressing that empathy. They get there. But wow, this would not be your show. :D


I don't mean to be dismissive of a Thing You Like, for the record! I heard it's got great character development and they get a dog (?) and it's very gay (???) so idk one day! Maybe I'll chew through it on my next insomnia cruise.

(I'm curious what you'll be diving into! Sadly the thing I most want your lovely lovely thoughts on is an original novel, which is not something you can just ask people to skim through in an afternoon, lol. What are your reading fandoms these days?)

You didn't sound dismissive - you're not talking about what makes a show objectively good, but what you care to watch. Or so I took it! There are a lot of shows! And a lot of books! And a lot of shiny things. I started out watching Person of Interest for fairly me-particular reasons.

I don't really have any main reading fandoms at the moment. The things I planned to concentrate on are exchanges I've recently taken part in, cruising around looking for things I'll like that I haven't commented on yet. (Jukebox, Once Upon Fic, Yuletide). And of course my friends' stuff.

Defender and the Thief? I'm sorry I haven't looked in on it yet - I need to get the two long beta jobs out of the way first.

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