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Fandom to-do list and a fic I'm proud of
SSar's Beast
Fandom to-do list, now until the end of March:

  • Beta a <2k fic for a person who contacted me during Yuletide

  • Write NYR story #1

  • Write NYR story #2

  • Write NYR story #3

  • Do Yuletide admin thing #1

  • Do Yuletide admin thing #2

  • Do Yuletide admin thing #3

  • Beta a story from R's fairy tale series (I assume)

  • Beta a Big Bang story for NM

  • Comment on fics! Average 2/day in January, 1/day in February and March

  • Comment on my friends' journal entries! Goodness gracious, self

  • DON'T sign up to any fests or exchanges

  • DON'T browse ffa during work (even in coffee breaks! Too soothing and more-ish. Well, on a good day)

  • Publish Jukebox's 2016 schedule and tweaked rules for comment

  • Get Jukebox nominations underway (depending on schedule)

  • Post about something fannish in this journal

  • Write 2 pinch hits or treats for ChocolateBox

  • Write a pinch hit or treat for something else (maybe)

  • Beta something else (probably)

It's been a while since I posted about stuff I've written. Now, the idea of a round-up post, ideally covering everything I wrote between 2014 and 2015, is daunting.

However, every time I think about doing a round-up post, I think of one particular story I want to talk about. So, what the heck, I'll talk about that one.

A Dance in Glass Shoes (4163 words) by Morbane
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cinderella (Fairy Tale)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Cinderella (Fairy Tales), Stepmother (Cinderella - Fairy Tale), Stepsister(s) (Cinderella - Fairy Tale)
Additional Tags: Fae & Fairies, Changelings, Emotional neglect, Harm to Children, Parent-Child Relationship, Bad Parenting, treat-fic, Constructive Criticism Welcome
Summary: Carlotta's new husband's daughter was not an easy child to love.

I wrote this story as part of Rosencrantz's delightful Once Upon A Fic fanfiction exchange, which had its first run last year and will run again this year - nominations start on the 24th of January. This is a gift exchange based on responses to fairy tales, myths, and lore from around the world. It was one of the nicest exchanges I took part in last year, with a good-sized crowd, unusually low default rates, a wide variety of prompts and works, and enthusiastic commenting.

I wrote this story as a treat, in the very last few days before reveals. I loved the prompt, which went:

I'm extremely interested in an aversion of the typical abusive relationship between Cinderella and her stepfamily -- what if it was actually a good one, or antagonistic with good reason behind it? (What if Cinderella's secretly the terrible one and her stepfamily is protecting themselves?) I'd love to see a retelling of the story that plays with those dynamics, which most adaptations take for granted.

When I first saw the prompt, my eyes lit up and I thought of my earlier Cinderella BDSM idea (Cinderella is a lifestyle sub, the "stepfamily" are not actually related, their dynamic is fully consensual, then she has a messy but adult breakup with her dommes). However, reading the prompter's letter, I saw that BDSM was one of their few DNWs. Still, it's a great prompt... so I finally thought of something else.

I'm really proud of this story. I'm proud of how I remixed the fairy tale elements, I'm proud of the family dynamics, and there are some things that could benefit from a further polish (the narrative style is precious; the pacing isn't great), but I feel I nailed the ending.

Ironically enough for a fairy tale retelling, this is a story about how intent is not magic, and how forgiveness and reconciliation do not always make for the best or most hopeful ending, even when all parties involved have their points of sympathy. I love both my Cinderella and my stepmother figure in this story, though they do not love each other, and the end of the story is not the end of their anger, and that's okay.

Rosencrantz and NightsMistress both helped a lot with this story, by encouraging me through finishing it and by beta suggestions.

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I wish I could successfully ban myself from FFA (not in the actual ban way, but like theavoid way). I've leechblocked it and it helps...but not as much as I really should. I could do other stuff!!

Sometimes I go through my flist filtered just to "journals only" for commenting purposes...I follow way too many comms and feeds and they tend to take up a lot of space on my flist.

Me changing anything on my flist occurs once in a geological age. I'm impressed you have so many comms to follow!

I've managed it so far!! I tried leech block last year but it still *basically* relies on your own willpower, while sort of pretending it doesn't.

I am good at following things and less good at unfollowing. Many dead comms or ones I'm not interested in are still on my list. Ah well.

Yeah, that is true! There are password settings which frankly I am a little afraid of using, but really you're right, it's eventually just willpower. It throws a few roadblocks which helps, but if you're determined...

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