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this is my brain on Yuletide
SSar's Beast
It's the last day of Yuletide nominations today - there are 8 hours and change to go, as the deadline is 9am UTC. Midnight UTC has passed on the 11th.

Yuletide exchange promotional image using a seaside postcard. Text says Yuletide - Dip your toes into a rare fandom. Nominations 2-11 October. Sign-ups 27 October - 4 November. Works due 18 December.

My head is running on a Yuletide program, eating up more and more memory, at all times. I love it but it's intense.

I had a goal to save up comments on Yuletide fics - from all years, just refreshing the all-collections dashboard page - until I had 100 of them, and then post them all in one go. Fun milestone and the reward of people's happy responses. I got to 81 and decided that was good enough, especially if I wanted to also remind people of Yuletide, in time for nominations. So I posted them two nights ago. I might make it an annual tradition.

Other things: the Spring weather is enormously changeable but I'm loving the daylight savings switch. It's also local body elections and I need to drop my papers off at the not!library TONIGHT. (The restoration of the closed central library is one of the key election issues.) Joel left this morning at 5am for a business trip, which perfectly overlaps the Yuletide tag sorting period. That is good, because during this period, I do respond when someone talks to me, it's just that there's a lag. "Hey, do you mind if I close the curtains?" [thirty seconds pass] "Oh, sure."

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