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Kua tuhi aha au? Ka tuhi aha au?
SSar's Beast
(What have I written? What will I write?)

Which is not to say that my te reo Māori (Māori language) has increased in leaps and bounds, because it hasn't. At least, this year, I felt as though I could participate in Māori language week, and really noticed it happening around me.

This is not a well organised journal entry. Writing them is an atrophied skill. Please bear with me.

I have written a lot of fic this year (for me), and very little else. I have written some good comments on fic, but very few comments on people's lives and thoughts. I miss various people. Time to go find them/you again. It hasn't been a very reflective year, but as I look at it, it's been a year of forting up and retreating. Perhaps it's been a selfish year.

Some things that have made me happy: bright Venus in unusually clear winter skies; making progress on the mortgage; last Embers weekend. I'm just home from another weekend of cooking for LARPers. I return with a cold, but also with some very nice comments. It's always nice to hear someone with intersecting food restrictions (in this case, pre-diabetes and no red meat) gush, "I can't believe how much of what you've cooked I can eat!" And this time, it wasn't until Sunday afternoon, after pack-down and clean-up, that 20thcenturyvole and I found ourselves slipping into tired, punch-drunk, giggly mode. Usually that happens midway through Saturday afternoon.

I read four or five Scarlet Pimpernel books earlier this year, because on a whim just before fandom5k sign-ups closed, I decided that a prompted crossover would be fun to attempt. And it was! It really was. For the second year in a row, fandom5k was a nail-biting race to the finish line and also helped me produce something I was really proud of. For a hat trick next year, I just want to finish something and get it beta'd in good time.

Other media "recently" consumed: The Good Place (something I solidly love - we are definitely keeping up to date); Murderbot Diaries (very fluffy and light, but consistent); the new Doctor Who episode 1 (not.... sure.... it'll woo me back, but I was so terribly soured on it before, and now my expectations are probably too high); Wellington Paranormal (if you liked What We Do in the Shadows, I recommend this with utmost confidence); Spinning Silver (enjoyed the worldbuilding, stayed up late at night to finish it, have quibbles as well as delight); Avengers: Infinity War ("okay, now I am up to date with the MCU, ticked that box"); and Star Stealing Prince, an indie game that I tried and failed to play under NightsMistress's nose. That part was at least amusing.

NM: so here's a fic to beta, it has time travel shenanigans and an unreliable narrator
Me: I need to keep track of what the protagonist is supposed to know, but I can't figure out whether asking about a point of confusion will conflict with what NM knows about what I know - help

So I failed in the quest of Surprise My Friend With an Epic Fic about a Canon She Doesn't Even Know I've Consumed, but at least I enjoyed the game.

I recently attended Get/Together, a small but tenacious local con in which 30-40 fans, mostly women, give presentations, do a pub quiz, break the ice with fannish pictionary, eat pizza, and chat. I'd only really poked my head in during my previous two attendances. This time I was there nearly the whole weekend. It was fun. It felt, not precisely relaxing - I needed quite a bit of alone time afterwards - but relaxed; I could see where I fitted in to it.

It's Yuletide again - sign-ups are open. Well, for me, it's been Yuletide for over two months already, but mid-October is really a more sensible time to be thinking about Yuletide. Probably.

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