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Dear DJ 2018
SSar's Beast
Dear potential writers/artists/recorders - sorry for the delay! I look forward to any gifts. Thanks for reading.

General Likes

Prompts for All Moments Leading to This - Lucid 3 (Song)
Prompts for The Chain - Fleetwood Mac (Song)
Prompts for Glorious Dawn ft. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking - John Boswell (Song)
Prompts for Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac (Song)
Prompts for Instinct - Crowded House (Song)
Prompts for Kemp Owyne (Traditional Song)
Prompts for Outlook for Thursday - DD Smash (Music Video)
Prompts for Stranger Song - Leonard Cohen (Song)
Prompts for Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde (Song)
Prompts for Der Zwerg | The Dwarf - Franz Schubert (Song)

General Likes

Do-Not-Wants: amnesia, graphic harm to hands, substance abuse/addiction.

I love original characters and worldbuilding - and this exchange is wonderful for those. You are welcome to write/draw/record work about any combinations of genders.

I like uplifting and hopeful messages, and protagonists who champion them. I also like genuinely terrible characters and tragic arcs, and villains with strong motivations and critiques of the protagonists' goals. Characters are welcome in any shade of grey. I particularly like seeing competence and loyalty.

I love mentors and protegé(e) relationships, and relationships between characters who are juggling multiple identities. I love seeing the relationship between two characters at one point in time, and then seeing it again when the relationship is very different. I'm just as interested in break-ups as get-togethers. I like Big Damn Hero moments, and also days in the life, or stories about people who are just trying to make it by in a weird world. I really like the trope whereby everyone's the protagonist of their own story, even if they may not appear to be at the centre of the most exciting or meaningful events that are happening.

I love emotional intimacy whether or not it comes with physical intimacy. For porn, I love xeno, voyeurism, dubcon, noncon, telepathy, praise kink, and awkward-but-not-emotionally-disastrous sex; intense oh-god-I-can't-believe-it's-so-good sex; gentle and loving sex.

I love it when authors incorporate something about which they have specialized knowledge, however mundane that thing is.

I love magical realism, dramatic weather, trains, telepathy, and dragons. I like puns and absurdity and banter.

You're welcome to write in past or present tense, and in first, second, or third person. Epistolary and found-media formats are welcome.

I really love highly stylised designs in art - geometric patterns, decorative patterns, fancy borders and framings. I like skylines and a sense of distance. I love being able to get a sense of weather from a scene. I love costume details, or character studies done through faces or poses.

I like jewel tones and earth tones and grays best of all. I am less keen on Lisa Frank-esque bright rainbow palettes.

My fic likes also apply here, where relevant (ie for porn preferences and character dynamics).

I don't ask for art as often as I ask for fic, and I am also not an artist. So I apologise if these aren't very helpful notes, and I hope the individual prompts are more helpful.

I'm sorry, I really don't know how to prompt for podfic. I'm excited to possibly receive it for Glorious Dawn or Outlook for Thursday, but I must trust to your judgement and skill in deciding what to make and how.

All Moments Leading to This - Lucid 3 (Song)Collapse )

The Chain - Fleetwood Mac (Song)Collapse )

Glorious Dawn ft. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking - John Boswell (Song)Collapse )

Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac (Song)Collapse )

Instinct - Crowded House (Song)Collapse )

Kemp Owyne (Traditional Song)Collapse )

Outlook for Thursday - DD Smash (Music Video)Collapse )

Stranger Song - Leonard Cohen (Song)Collapse )

Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde (Song)Collapse )

Der Zwerg | The Dwarf - Franz Schubert (Song)Collapse )

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