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Konei, konā, korā
SSar's Beast
Hello again! I hope to post regularly again. Unsurprisingly for me, it's wanting to promote fandom events that has finally tipped the balance.

Last year ended well for me. I had a good Yuletide - each year has its unique stresses, but I think this one was less stressful than some (and I didn't spend most of December sick, unlike in 2016). There are always parts of Yuletide I wish I did better - losing my temper at a person, or making the wrong call in handling interpersonal drama, always sticks in my head - but I hope most of the duck-paddling is not visible in the smooth surface progress.

The ending of last year also ran very precisely to schedule. We threw a huge New Year's party, including a ball pit - remind me to put up a photo.

( I set the time of the event at 7pm when setting it up, then reflected that now we had an outdoor activity, I should move it forward to 6pm. Those of you who have heard of Dashcon: I hope you applaud the inclusion of an extra hour in the ball pit.)

Guests had gone and we had done preliminary cleaning by 2am. We spent the entirety of January 1st cleaning, of course, including the six person-hours required to disassemble the ball pit. And then I got up at 4am on January 2nd to fly to Florida to spend ten days with family. For me, January 2nd lasted 37 hours.

My grandmother is in reasonably good health and spirits, but her short term memory is distinctly failing. My mother (who lives in NZ, not Florida) is doing her best to be long-distance support, and her annual visits with my grandmother are very chore-focused - setting up reminder systems, doing a lot of check-up appointments, fixing things around my grandmother's apartment. Effective but stressful. My aunt is a half-hour's drive away from my grandmother; my mother and my aunt work together in some things, but I am not sure if the arrangement is quite ideal for either.

My grandmother was pretty happy to see me, anyway, and my mother was also glad I was along, and I am thinking of doing the same thing next year (with the same precision of timing). And I got Mum to come to a tree-top adventure course with me, so that was a couple of hours she wasn't worrying about Grandma. (I had a great time, but also fell, past a steel cable, so that I had a really impressive scrape-and-bruise for the following two weeks.)

The other part of the precise timing was that I landed back in Wellington on the afternoon of Friday 12th January, and it was two good friends' wedding the next day at 1pm. The big miracle of the trip was that I had zero jetlag coming back. I have no idea how I managed that.

The post title is in honour of a work initiative: our senior management team decided to sponsor te reo Māori lessons, during work time, for anyone who wanted them. The Māori people are the pre-European settlers of New Zealand and "the history of te reo suppression and promotion in NZ" is a bit long for this post, but as you can imagine it's had ups and downs. I, a white person in NZ, have spent many years thinking "I should learn te reo Māori," and I am beyond grateful that something external has pushed me to do it. I'm having a great time. "Konei, konā, korā", btw, is probably not an actual sentence - it's what our lesson consisted of last week - saying that things are here or there or over there. But I am amusing myself by thinking that I can now sing a line from a Beatles song in te reo.

Jukebox is running! MY BELOVED EXCHANGE. Just over a day to nominate songs and music videos that can then be explored in podfic, art, and fic gifts and requests.

I'm also about to sign up to [community profile] bravenewbork, which is a small and cracky exchange where you offer and request canons based on osmosis. Don't know a canon? All the better. Sign ups are closing very soon! [personal profile] seekingferret, I nominated The Grounding of Group 6, just in case. :P

And I'm going to edit in some more things I'm taking part in! But right now I really want to run off and take part in a Pokémon Go raid.

Right, Piloswine and Jynx raids defeated. [personal profile] elanya, I think you'd like the March Pokémon Go loading screen image.

Other fandom things
Fandom 5k, a multifandom gift exchange for fic of 5k or longer, has sign-ups open through April 7. I'm signing up even though it runs in parallel with Jukebox, because I was really proud - in the end - of the story I wrote for that last year.

The Worldbuilding Exchange revealed its works last week. I wrote a pinch hit! I guess, if you like, I could offer a beta job if you can guess which one I wrote, but reveals are in the next 24 hours so you may not have time. I have been flat out all week approving Jukebox nominations in the time I allot for fandom, but now that it's a public holiday and I am off work, I will read and comment on some more things. Join me!

Night on Fic Mountain is currently open for nominations. This is a rare fandoms exchange, kind of like a Yuletide at the other side of the year, but with art as well.

I'm also doing SmutSwap, so I currently have open writing assignments for [community profile] smutswap and [community profile] once_upon_fic.

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