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cat's cradle, cat's landing
SSar's Beast
I know I haven't been around, and this isn't much of an update. I'm seizing a moment in which I feel like I have something short but useful to say. Otherwise, it feels too hard. I feel as though if I'm going to write an update, I should write an essay or review a book or catch everyone up on my life. [Or I should be beta-ing a fic or editing a fic or writing a fic or writing some other fandom thing.] I keep feeling as though those are the only posts worth making, and yet I don't mark the time aside for them.

I feel really lucky and grateful in my life right now. I took a week off work for a fandom project, helping to sort the Yuletide tag set. We're on schedule, and tomorrow I'm back at work. I feel happy that I got to spend a week contributing to something fun and creative and big, and I also feel good about going back to work. (And I am so grateful that I can think about my job and go, yeah, that thing I do, that's positive, I am competent.) I will be a useful person on Monday morning. (Get up early, answer Yulequestions... go to work, publish law.) Tuesday will also mark six months in this job.

I had a meeting at my ongoing/secondary job on Thursday. It was good to spend two hours in the company of my boss & M "The Whirlwind", who is currently obsessed with trains. All these crazy projects they want to set in motion. Spending time with them, I feel as though anything is possible. It's scary because it drives me to want to learn all the things, do all the things - and I know that's impossible. I'm tugged in so many directions. I have to find a way to do that job that acknowledges that soaring call of BE EVERYTHING, and yet doesn't turn me into a paralysed mess when I'm actually sitting at my computer. One step at a time. Next step. I have tasks for that job I should complete tonight. I should actually quit that job, but moments like Thursday make me not want to, and I'm also caught in the trap of wishing I could repay my boss for her limitless gifts.

I have tasks to complete after the guests leave, that is. Sunday, lately, is Person of Interest night - we're just starting Season 3 - and meat and vegetables are currently roasting in the oven. Paul's already here, the Alexi will turn up soon, and I need to decide what kind of potato salad I'm making.

I also need to do a Yuletide task, and email my dad.

I wanted to mention last weekend. Last weekend was great! Here's what my Saturday looked like:

-9:15am - get on a bus to Seatoun
-10:am - get/together, the mini Wellington slash convention. Slash pictionary and a good group for general discussion and fandom promos! A whole ROOM of people who know what Yuletide is!
-4:45pm - left the con in order to meet my good friend Susy at the airport (Susy is a teacher; it's school holidays; she had a few day off, so she came down to visit me. "There is tag sorting! I will be home, but I will be staring at my computer a lot." / "That's okay, I need to write up my kids' Running Records.")
-6pm - Susy and I taxi home, dump our bags, and go down to have dinner in the suburb north of us with Joel
-7:15pm - our meal barely arrives in time; I have to get a taxi up to Vic for Sam's choir concert, get out of the taxi, and run
-7:30pm - Sam's choir concert, reinterpretations of Bowie & Fleetwood Mac. It was great, and Sam's solo was great, everything was great
-10:00pm - Yuletide nominations close [I think I got home at 10:04]
-11:15pm - I leave people happily tag sorting and go to bed. Like a sensible person.

Joel and I have been going to open homes - two today. I fell a little bit in love with one I saw today. Perfect garden/outside area. Good spaces. It had a loft bedroom!! Say the word 'mezzanine' and I'm there. I have a strange attraction to halfway spaces, tiny rooms, corners and nooks. This one was absolutely drenched in sunlight. However, the main bedroom would be a tight squeeze for our king-size bed, and the discolouration of the carpet & the time period in which the house was built are worrying factors - might be some underlying structural issues, especially leakiness.

All right. Back to Yuletide...

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So productive :D

I love that you have made time in your life to pursue things that are important. You're inspirational :D

While you're managing all KINDS of things of your own! Actually, lately I feel like I haven't carved out enough time for important relationships, instead of projects... The balance needs to swing back.

We were adults last week and went to talk to a financial adviser about house buying. Went pretty well. Any progress with the plaster job on your own house?

It's going. He's doing it all in weekends around other jobs - so it's a slow process. He was here tpday doing stuff...but I think it's still going to take a few more visits :(

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