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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Since I last posted to say how miserable I was without reliable sight aids, I should now say how lovely my new glasses are. How *their* anti-scratch coating has not done anything crazy like go wavy on its own. I can see. It's brilliant. Hurrah for sight.

Hurrah for smell, too. The Christmas tree is up in the lounge and it is wafting through the house. It's a sweeter, richer smell than I remembered. Why can no one do a realistic pine scent? All year there are astringent cleaning products and barely less astringent essential oils. The real deal is unapproachable.

Hurrah for taste.... it is the season of indulgence. And Alex got me tea, 'silver needle', a kind of tea I don't usually try. I shall have to sample it carefully. We also have approximately a cupboard's worth of leftover edibles from the party. The remnant that makes me most gleeful? BASIL PESTO. Forget all of the leftover chocolate. BASIL PESTO.

And Nik knitted me a handbag - in black and green Fair Isle, a flower pattern. It looks gorgeous. It also feels wonderful. It swings delightfully from its two thick (knitted) green cords. It is soft. It is snuggly. The inside, which looks trippy on the outside, is a network of interwoven smooth straight lines which are nice to follow with my fingers. Hurrah for feeling.

I don't know what to put for hearing. I could be impressed about how quietly Stephanie keeps managing to leave the house in the morning, but that's kind of an opposite. Maybe I'll use something that happened a few weeks ago. The sound of my voice by itself in a room for of people, at the work party for staff of Human Synergistics and their partners. Jenny's partner David said, "I gave the thank-you speech last year. Will you do it?" And I did, despite the fact that I was the youngest person there in a room full of highly competent, highly successful people, and very nervous. The sound of laughter at the joke(s) I made. Hurrah for hearing.