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I Don't Feel Fantastic Even Sarcastically
SSar's Beast
So today had its ups and downs. It started out low, since my sleep was mediocre and I was feeling extremely achey. My glasses were ready at the optometrist's, but I couldn't pick them up because I can't afford them today. My day got better, when I met up with Ellen and Paul and had a fun knitting evening (I didn't even accidentally increase stitches! Yay!) Then my day got worse, when I came home and realised that my Dad hadn't transferred across the money owed to me (long story) because he'd wanted to check with me that the tally I'd sent him was in fact correct. Which means I don't get to pick up my glasses tomorrow either. This made me extremely sad. I am sick of wearing my ultra-scratched back-up glasses and not being able to recognise people until they are two metres away. (Literally. Both Paul and Nik commented on this today.) I am sick of being so poor. I feel like staging a bed-in protest of studying and being poor. I will stay in bed and read trashy novels and never go to work and throw my textbooks out the window until I am grandly recognised for my intangible contribution to society by people who will bring me Cake and bedpans.

I feel very disenchanted about the consequences of trying to study and work at the same time.

On the positive side I do at least have my friends. And I will have some money eventually. Just... not tomorrow.