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I Feel Fantastic
SSar's Beast
Tomorrow my flatmate is moving out. I've lived with him for three years in two different flats. His exodus is the cause of several conversations about who owns what. We're not entirely sure anymore. I think of George MacDonald. 'Loving is the only myness.'

I have to take him off the bank account that he's held jointly with me for three years. Three years is a long time when you're 23. Intellectually, I'm absolutely cool with this. (Apart from the ordinary burden of having to go out and buy a decent kitchen knife and a set of chairs.) Emotionally, this is a shake-up, because it will cause many subtle changes in my lifestyle, and I will miss him. The weird feeling, though, will wear off in a week or so.

Meredith and Alex were singing Hearts and Bones - 'You take two bodies and you twirl them into one/ Their hearts and their bones/ And they won't come undone' and Meredith was saying how much she had always liked that line. I was singing Train in the Distance - 'Once in while, he makes her laugh/ She cooks a meal or two' which seemed more apt to me, for me.

I would say this is a milestone, but as I go to say it, the whole concept of milestones appears weird.

It's been an honour, Alex?

Eh. I feel a tad maudlin. But this all seems significant, if I could just grasp how.