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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I am unhealthily exhausted! Doesn't feel too bad. It is Friday night, 11pm. I have slept 2 hours since Wednesday, and I pretty much forgot to eat today (except for my boss's sugar supplies, and of course excepting the bowl of pasta I polished off five minutes ago.)

It feels so good to be in my own bed.

It also feels good, in a slightly smug/masochistic way, to know that I can do two all nighters in a row, do all the work required of me at my regular job, attend classes, get my assignment in on time, and rock for eight hours at Market Research.

Market Research was fun tonight as I went into "bounce" mode - trying to get everyone else enthusiastic by broadcasting my own enthusiasm in palpable waves - aided by sugar. Our boss brought out a sack of barley sugars and a pack of pixie sticks, and before the night was up, was howling with laughter and vowing never to bring us pixie sticks again.

She was in a similar condition to me as had just worked a previous 9am-9pm shift on the job, without any breaks longer than 5 minutes, and had also had to travel to and forth from Waikanae.

But at some point in the last year, Kristene has stopped seeming so irritating and inferior to Charlie. She's really rather neat now.

I love market reseach, by the way. I love contact and targets and team structure.

Also, a live wild mouse just fell on my foot and ran away. This may mean I will have to stop ignoring it and must find a way to remove its presence from our lives.