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After the Stress Rush
SSar's Beast
So, after I sent that email off to the ENLA students, professing my support of the Retain Old English campaign, I was swept up into a lot more campaigning, with a touch of conspiracy and internet drama.

Today and tomorrow, key English department staff are meeting to decide, among other things, the future of the Medieval English courses. We asked to make a short appearance at this meeting, to clarify our position and ask/answer questions, but this was deemed not appropriate. Unsurprisingly.

I am biting my nails a bit right now. If they make a decision that is not in favour of the Medieval courses, what else can we do? Not a lot. Keep writing emails, is all. It is somewhat disheartening that the input students have into the courses on offer is so very small, and that our powers seem to extend merely to the level of annoyance.

In other news, it was a productive weekend. Joel and I were meant to visit his family in Masterton, but on Thursday I believed I was coming down with a cold. Out of concern for Joel's grandmother's delicate health, we decided to postpone our visit. I was very chagrined to be totally healthy by the weekend. On the other hand, this was maybe a sign that I needed a rest, and that was what I gave myself. I studied, I sat on the deck in the sun, Joel took me out to brunch on Sunday, and I kept socialising to a gentle minimum.

Greatest accomplishments of the weekend:
-Beginning the design of Project Bauble, with a lot of help from 20thcenturyvole. I am grateful! I have no artistic talent, beyond ideas, but she just went, "Oh, you want an angel? Cool," and converted it to pixels. Huzzah.
-Going into a cleaning frenzy and creating a study space within my bedroom. This is quite an achievement. I have been shunning my room for the last couple of months, because I have no idea what to do with many of the items that adorn my floor. Yet I have compartmentalised them, as well as giving myself a desk and a bookshelf. Yay, yay, and yay.