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Sci Fi Club aftermath
SSar's Beast
SSar: Middleman was so great today! It's like "vampire puppets" are now their own genre! There exist two episodes of TV about vampire puppets!
Joel: Actually, one of them really involved muppets.
SSar: What's the difference?
Joel: Kind of a mop, kind of a puppet...
SSar: What? Come on!
SSar: *knocks on Alex's door* Alex! Are muppets a subset of puppet?
Alex: They're not quite a mop... nor yet a puppet...
SSar: Not you too?
Joel: Ahah. I have frustrated SSar.
SSar: But he heard you.
Alex: Actually, no. I've heard Homer Simpson.
SSar: Oh.
Joel: I like it that Alex and I have a mystical unspoken understanding about such things.
SSar: It was just spoken.
Joel: Mystical, then.
SSar: You explained it.
Joel: Mystical things can have explanations! Look at the midi-chlorians!
SSar: *stares*
Joel: Actually, please don't look at the midi-chlorians.

Apologies for spellings of midi-chlorians.