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Awesome Things I Have Done Recently: Speed Update!
SSar's Beast
June 13-17

*I went to Auckland
*I attended the first concert of Simon and Garfunkel's current world tour with deepbluemermaid and helped carry the music when their equipment failed
*I studied even while on holiday
*I spoke with a childhood friend
*I bought a tea cosy. About to use that, actually.

June 18-19

*I played a heck of a lot of Plants Vs. Zombies, despite many odd bugs in the game
*I attended an indie fashion show in which two of my friends were modelling. It was neat and a little pretentious and gorgeous and there were many dance routines
*I went to a games night at wih's house and learned to play Chrononauts and Settlers of Catan

June 20-24

*I went to Sydney with Joel
*We turned Saturday into two days
*We went to Taronga Zoo, getting into whisker range of the wallabies and enjoying a trained bird show which included owls, parrots, kites, and an eagle
*We saw Sydney Harbour by night and by day
*We ate on a boat. Actually, I was on boats a lot.
*We wandered through the Herb Garden at the Botanical Gardens and I can now tell you that the first oral contraceptive was developed by the aid of a plant called the 'air potato'
*I watched several episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena
*I went whale watching - twice
*I ran from the State Library to Darling Harbour in order to catch the whale watching boat, with the help of a tourist map
*I went to a museum with the combined themes of Opals and Dinosaurs and quizzed an opal expert for an hour
*I went to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art
*I ate very good pizzas at reasonable prices (gasp) on the waterfront
*We went on a ferris wheel
*I found and bought a bead loom
*I hung around an aboriginal art store, chatting to the clerk who was writing a masters thesis in Japanese
*I admired leather masks imported from Italy
*I went to the Powerhouse Museum
*I had a bubble bath
*I discovered and bought a rare role-playing book, called Paranoia, for the use of starzend as a GM
*I bought Chrononauts for Joel
*I had lunch with Joel's Sydney colleagues
*I was the recipient of a Very Nice Surprise from Joel
*We had been engaged for one year on June 22nd

June 25-30

*I attended a genuine business conference, with representatives from things like Meridian Energy and the Department of Corrections, wearing a name tag for "Veridian Dynamics"
*I bumped into four friends by accident on my very first day back from Sydney
*I made up a costume out of clothes from Farmers, went to a medieval party called the Feast of Fools, drank mulled wine, learned four or five dances, and followed a live ass around a hall in a procession for the Vespers of the Ass
*I went to the vege market
*I wrote a really nice letter to Joel's grandmother
*I advanced two levels in Starcraft

And now I am back at work in the daytime and procrastinating on an Icelandic essay during the evenings.

Hmmm... I am finding this all a bit much to write about in detail!