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Auckland holiday update
SSar's Beast
The holiday in Auckland proceeds well. I went to the Simon & Garfunkel concert with the sparkling deepbluemermaid, and it lived up to expectations. A lot of the songs were very jazzed up, even 'I am a Rock', which I never expected to hear sung in any tone but sad/emotional. There was a highly corny moment in which the mikes cut out during 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', and the audience, most of whom were probably already singing along, picked up the tune and sang it strongly back to the confused-looking performers. Technological aids were soon repaired, and Garfunkel thanked us effusively for our generosity. I think it was staged. The songs I was really hoping for didn't come up - Cool Cool River and 50 Ways to Leave your Lover - but many did that I've enjoyed over the years. It was surely made more fun by having a companion along.

I've been getting a lot of sleep, unable to rouse myself before 11am. A habit I must break tomorrow, as I'm to put in a day of study at Auckland University's library. Actually, this will sound nerdy, but just looking at their catalogue intrigues and excites me. I may find some really good resources here, although the catalogue gives the the vague impression that Auckland Uni hasn't taught Icelandic studies since 2004. That is only a vague impression, note.

My accidental purchases include an orange and brown tea-cosy with silver beads (hey, I went out of my way to go to a craft show, and it was the only thing there that I could have wanted. When will people stop making those useless mosaic candle-holders that can't be re-used? I do disdain them so) - and - hey, OMG - Lindt is now making pear chocolate. With almonds. LOVE.

I had a lovely evening with Pip and Tim tonight. They have found a good one-bedroom flat in Grey Lynn, and they cooked me a fancy dinner, a sort of chicken-chorizo risotto, and custard baked in ramekins, and we had a nice, casual chat. Then they walked me most of the way home, through Kingsland to Eden Valley. The lights of the cranes around Eden Park are a startlingly vivid addition to the skyline.

Oh, and Mum found me fairy lights in an opshop! Hurrah! I do hope they work!