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"I'm sorry, you can't take part in this experiment because of your fetish for electricity."
SSar's Beast
From Levelt 1989 (Speaking: From Intention to Articulation):

"It is also interesting that Motley (1980) was able to create a biasing conversational setting. In this experiment he used target pairs preceded by "standard" phonological interference (biasing) items. The target items were of two kinds. One kind is exemplified by shad-bock, which when preceded by appropriate interference items may lead to the slip bad-shock; this was the "electrical" kind of target. The other targets were "sexy" ones, such as lood-gegs and goxi-firl (the intended slips are obvious). The two target types were mixed in the list. Half the subjects were attached to fake electrodes and told that mild shocks could be given. The luckier half of subjects underwent no such threat, but had an attractive and provocatively dressed female experimenter. The resulting slips corresponded to the condition of treatment. In the electrical condition, "electrical" speech errors prevailed; in the sexy condition, "sexy" speech errors were dominant. Because all these speech errors were induced by phonological interference items, Motley concluded that the difference was an editing effect. When one expects things electrical, a phonological slip that produces such an item will not be filtered out by the editor, and similarly for sexy items. There is an attentional bias in the subject."

Linguists. Kinky.

I have an all-day exam on this stuff tomorrow. Gah to my lecturer for instituting this concept: get the exam at 9am, work from home, produce three essays of 1000 words each, submit by 5pm. On the other hand, I will spend the entire day buzzed on study tea. Beware.