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Status update of many household issues.
SSar's Beast
It's been a very up and down weekend. I have a cold. I stayed at home and got study done while Joel went off to Tara's party, which was apparently awesome. This suited us both. I got a lot of work done on my project yesterday, thanks to four particularly helpful role-playing friends. Then I went to go up the hill, and missed my bus, because of seeing someone in the supermarket I hadn't bumped in to for three months.

Yesterday evening I turned on the stove's back right element, which is a temperamental bugger, and which promptly exploded, instantly burning a hole through the metal of my best saucepan, which I had placed on the element prior to turning it on. This shorted out the power for our whole house. (Luckily the flats above and below only experienced some flickering). An hour and a half later, an electrician was replacing a fuse dating from the 1960s in the fuse box behind the meter housing. (Joel and I had been keeping warm and amused by huddling together and playing Portal on our laptops).

It is still bloody cold. Snow in parts of Wellington yesterday, which is highly unusual. Today has a high of 11* and a low of 3*, which is considered Nasty. I am typing with fingerless gloves on (yay possumfurry gloves (although I was heavily dependent on the ones Erin made for me last week)).

OH and as I type this the light bulb in the spare room has begun dripping water again. You know this is a bad thing when you can hear the impact on a towel through a wall and several metres away. Sigh. To be discussed with landlord.

Okay now to be productive! Chaucer, Lehiste, Angantyr, Warren, here I come!