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Praise him with great praise!
SSar's Beast
Clearly we have an excellent landlord: I left a message on his phone at about 1:15pm about our electrical woes, and within the hour I had messages on my own phone - one from Kos saying, "Fine, call me with details for our records, I have dispatched the electrician", and one from the electrician, saying, "So when can I come to your house?" By 4:30pm our fuse was replaced and so was the faulty light fixture that was overloading the circuit.

Excellent. Also, a wonderful example of the powers of Specialisation and Delegation. I was blown away because at our last flat, every maintenance issue was either ignored, fought over, or when faulty repairs were carried out, Full House Management claimed that this was because the owner of the property had done it, not them, and they would contact him... more delays... etc.

I will fight tooth and nail to keep this flat. *note to self: do the vacuuming tonight.

Since going to see Star Trek my main concern is the scheduling of the NEXT viewing of this movie. I did six hours of Old Norse instead of seeing it on Sunday with Layne and Alex C (that would have been awesome...) and will probably be reading a ream of material related to Chaucer on Tuesday. I still hold out hope for Thursday.

I also plan to see The Merchant of Venice, probably with Meredith on an upcoming weekend, and I really want to see the performance of Cardenio (May 17th-23rd). Who's with me? Of course, you may want to stand well back when I beg the director for the academic notes on how they managed to 'reconstruct' a Shakespeare play in the first place.

Lately my entries feel very vague, summations at best. Let's see if I can be a bit more specific. I am typing away at Firreth on the table in the lounge. Next to me is a glass of water, a cup of study-tea, the Riverside Chaucer, and my Icelandic notes. (So much for my notion of having a week without caffeine: it died before it could even become a resolution.) I am enjoying having lighting from two different angles, as before the fuse was fixed, only one light in the lounge was working. Alex is making dinner in the kitchen, where a bowl of hamburger patty mixture is sitting waiting. When Clinton gets here to discuss the Sci Fi quiz, I will - gasp - make hamburgers. Until then I am procrastinating on reading the Tale of Melibee. To be fair, the Tale of Melibee is pretty long-winded.

I still seem to be juggling work, study, and a social life reasonably successfully. Work isn't very demanding lately, and my team leader seems to be in a good mood. There are new data entry people, and I am trying to endear myself to them by letting them ask me questions instead of having to trot across the office to ask Siyamala. I think I need to make more social connections at work.

I did have to ask for an extension this week, but I haven't handed anything in late yet. I felt so uncomfortable about the extension that I keep catching myself saying "I'm trying, I'm trying" spontaneously to thin air. Like, when walking up Allenby Terrace, or doing the dishes. This is possibly not a good thing. I'll feel better when the Chaucer assignment is in.

As far as a social life goes, I keep thinking I'll cut down on social time in order to get study done, but it isn't happening. This possibly is a good thing, until it happens that it isn't. Last week I went to two parties, had one overnight guest, went to a midnight movie, and dragged someone over to my house for lunch in between lectures.

I have made... nearly zilch progress on this year's main art project. Also I need to write about the Leonard Cohen concert.

Anyone want to go to Star Trek again?

PS: Oh gods, I just threw a spoon at Clinton and drew blood. I'm so sorry. Back to how I'm so good at socialising. =/ He says he's okay though.