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To better things
SSar's Beast
Our rubbish bin is back on our porch, I emailed Salient next week's Sci Fi schedule and got an acknowledgment, and I got two emails from good friends today instead of the usual Amazon.com stuff or Universal Currency Converter update.

Also, I came home yesterday at 7:15pm, really tired, to find that some friends had come over and cooked dinner for my flatmates, with enough for me too. SO MUCH YAY. Thank you Sando and Tara, you are mildly divine and so very provident.

And, to transition between domestic bliss and successful study, tonight was the first Tuesday since term started that I have been able to watch Boston Legal without frantically reading Chaucer or doing an assignment between ad breaks.

In a perfect dovetailing, a cast of students and English professors is performing "Noah's Flood", a mediaeval morality play, to the English 111 class tomorrow (4pm, Easterfield 006, if you're interested), and the Chaucerian tales we're studying in tomorrow's class include the Miller's Tale, which includes a parody of Biblical characters as they were portrayed in such plays, and lines like,

Hast thou not herd hou saved was Noe...
...The sorwe of Noe with his felawshipe
Er that he myghte get his wyf to shipe?

Yes, yes, actually I have heard.

Further, our director, Alison (Which is another Chaucerian pun) was instructing us as to a particular trick in stage effects, along the lines of: "Start up the rain sounds... you don't have to keep them up all the way through. The trick is, if you repeat it a couple of times, the audience will think they're hearing them consistently." And just now, in commentary to the Reeve's Tale, regarding the Northern-dialect characterisation of Aleyn and John and the Northern words they use: "Chaucer tends to put dialect words and forms rather thickly in certain areas, rather than spreading them evenly throughout the student's (sic) speech. They are particularly frequent when they start speaking, so that we shall class them from the beginning as comic Northerners, and will perhaps think their dialect more consistently represented than it really is."

BINGO. I love it when I can immediately apply something I've learned to something else!

Also the idea that lethal injections should probably be supervised by trained medical personnel but of course can't be because of Hippocratic Oath problems is doing my head in a little.