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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Yesterday I was stressed about how ultra-planned my week is and how study and work are balanced so very finely. Then a friend tells me she can't come to the movie viewing I planned for her and suddenly I'm willing to turn around all of my week. I think I have my priorities in the right place. Friends, study, and work is the order in which I will value my memories of exactly what I did when I think about my life next year, no matter how they may make their demands in the opposite order.

I found a missing Leonard Cohen CD, currently happily rocking out to The Future, which is a gloriously dark song. Maybe if I were into heavy metal I wouldn't be impressed by its lyrical sense of vileness, but I am.

Give me back my broken night/ my mirrored room, my secret life/ it's lonely here/ there's no one left to torture/ Give me absolute control/ of every other living soul/ And lie beside me, baby/ that's an order

Give me crack and anal sex/ Take the only tree that's left/ and stuff it up the hole/ in your culture/ Give me back the Berlin wall/ give me Stalin and St Paul/ I've seen the future, brother/ it is murder

He sang it at the Vector concert. I was delighted. Currently listening to the Teddy Thompson version on 'I'm Your Man', which is excellent.

PS: Also, "Everybody Knows" just came on and it is possibly my favourite song of his EVER except maybe "If It Be Your Will" and I promise, I PROMISE, I will write about that concert because it means something to me. This is just a way of getting started.

(Everybody knows the dice are loaded/ Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows that the war is over/ Everybody knows that the good guys lost... Add to that the lyrics further on of Everybody's talking to their pockets/ Everybody wants a box of chocolates/ And a long-stemmed rose and I have no idea why the two Leonard Cohen songs in Watchmen were 'Hallelujah' and 'First We Take Manhattan'. Seriously.) (Can you tell how happy I am to have heard Cohen songs in a movie, even if they were the so-so album versions and I know the Manhattan version well enough to laugh in sync with him?)