January 25th, 2009

SSar's Beast



Our flat - Joel, Alex, and me - is moving flats on Sunday 1st February, in the morning. Any volunteers to help us carry suitcases a block, or load more awkward things into a van which will then be driven around said block, would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with pizza or a takeout lunch of their choice when we're done.

If you can make it about 10am on Sunday morning, that would be Excellent.

People who hate stairs and carrying things would also be really welcome to help me unpack and sort things out during the following week. ^!^. I may reward you, probably with food as is typical with me.

Lots of love, SSar

PS: I also went to Leonard Cohen and a folk festival and did Transylvanian mini-golfing. I will rant about that later. Please hold me to my word.
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