January 14th, 2009

SSar's Beast

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If you are ever in a video store with me, do not let me pick.

Kinky Boots - perfectly good acting by Chiwetel Ejiofor, storyline written by going down a checklist. Or, as Joel put it, "A note to the director - having your main character start out weak and impotent, and giving a character arc that makes him weak, impotent, and a jerk, is not the way to go." Really, really disappointing movie. On the other hand, we now have a new catch phrase. "Mildew, Charlie!" Say it as if you were saying, "We're on a BRIDGE, Charlie!" With extra spooky.

Orphans and Angels - worst film I've ever seen five minutes of. It is the worst of many other categories also. I picked it up because it had two award symbols on the front, but I should have been turned off by the blurb, which promised "[It adds] foreboding to its array of emotional buttons" and "Gives [film noir] contemporary relevance in urban New Zealand." I wrote better dialogue than that film had when I was in fourth form, and its idea of production values was to cover up a phone number on a sign with a block of wood. Was tempted to get drunk and watch the entire thing, laughing hysterically, but life is too short and my liver is worth more than that.

The third film I got from Civic Video was 'Out of the Blue'. However, this was recommended to me by someone else and so escapes the damnation of 'SSar chose it'. I plan to watch it tomorrow.
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