January 9th, 2009

SSar's Beast


This is a Happy SSar.

Firstly, the Linguistics department wants to pay for my LInguistics courses this year (as long as I bump the number of these courses up to three, but you know, since they're shouting)!

Secondly, we found a perfect flat last week (affordable, spacious, ACROSS THE ROAD from Uni) but it was already vacant, and our current lease expires on February 8th. However, they've had enough trouble getting it filled that they have offered it to us with a start of tenancy date of January 26th. That, we can live with.

(I am sending our current property manager a gift basket, I promise. She apparently gave us glowing praise.)

Also today, Nik and I were extremely dutiful and organised the Sci Fi Club room bookings. Then the English lecturer whose course I will now have to drop emailed me back to say she is free today, so I can talk to her about maybe doing that course next year or beginning it over summer.

Anyway, now it is time to go to the kitchen, put on my Kansas CDs or something similarly happy, crank up the volume, and bake some chocolate cakes while singing at the top of my lungs.


I am grateful for my luck and my success.
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