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slide between the gaps
SSar's Beast
Things that prevent me from writing journal updates:

-oh, I could use the time to email someone!
-oh, I could use the time to write fic!
-oh, I'd better set some time aside to make a proper, serious, blog-post-like update!
-oh, there's something else I promised someone I'd do! (beta a fic, comment on fic, read something, do a household chore, sort AO3 tags).

in short: I am happy, busy, in good health, guilty at lapsed commitments, in a great phase at work (they let me edit law), excited for Yuletide.

sorry/ sending love.

I like saying "yes" to things.

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I totally understand. :hugs:

I'm excited for Yuletide too. :warm fuzzies:

hah, this sounds like a problem but an excellent problem to have. congratulations on the happy-busy-healthy part!

thank you! i am still so excited for you and New Career Phase Striking Out On Your Own.

Oh yeah me too. Glad to hear you are doing well and feeling well and omg yuuuuuuuuuletideeee I have high hopes this year

Thanks! :) yuuuuuuuuuullllllllletide!

How are you?

What are you thinking of nominating/requesting this year? Any new things? (too many things?? perennial problem)

Pretty good! I'm trying to read five million books at once as usual :P and wishing that the weather would cool off.

My nomination thoughts:


*imagines you surrounded by books, turning the page of each all in one moment, which might at least cause a breeze to help with the heat*

Ah cool!

As I should have seen coming, seeing as yuletide is rare-and-obscure-fandoms-challenge, I don't know any of your fandoms :P

That would be nice! Fortunately it has finally cooled down and I feel way better. I even wore jeans today! yay

I'm glad it's cooler!

I'd also be really tempted by Shades of Grey, if it made it in to the tag set.

Ohh yeah it'd be awesome to get SoG fic. Seriously, when will you write the next book, Fforde?!?!

I have so many unanswered questions. SO MANY

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